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Jean-Marc, WHY? June 24, 2008

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As both a So You Think You Can Dance enthusiast and an investigative journalist, I feel I must bring the following to your attention, my dear sweet blog readers:

That Jean-Marc dance last week, the one he choreographed for his daughter…well, it seems like he PLAGARIZED it.  Take a look at the following video, from a couple weeks ago on So You Think You Can Dance: Australia. 


Now look at the video from SYTYCD (USA) last week, of Twitch and Kherington:



Sure the choreography is slightly different-more lifts, etc… but the song, the costume, the lighting, and the basics are all right there.  It’s pretty impossible this was a coincidence if you ask me.


SYTYCD Top 18 Elimination: Batting .500 June 20, 2008

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I’m going to keep this brief, because the results show for SYTYCD is ridiculously long and stupid.  The group routine was good, Flo Rida was absolutely terrible (if you are lip synching, and you bring bad dancers on a dance show, WTF is the point?), and there was a really hot flamenco dancer who I need to google/wikipedia STAT.


Anyway, the Bottom Three were: Susie and Marquis, Comfort and Chris, and Chelsea and Thyne.  No surprises there.  Chelsea’s routine was good and she’s really bubbly.  Thyne was good too, and he seemed happy and confident.  Susie was blah; I’m not really sure how she made it into the Top 20 to begin with.  She just kept flipping her hair, which was weird.  I liked Marquis’ solo; he did some crazy things that were reminiscent of Danny last year (but not nearly as good).  Comfort was badass.  It was pretty much set she wouldn’t go home, since she’s the only female popper/hip-hopper, and the reason she was in the Bottom Three was totes her partner’s fault.  Chris was last and personally, I thought his solo sucked.  He didn’t have the technical skills of Thyne or Marquis.  I was certain that my hates, Susie and Chris, were going home but I was wrong!  Susie left, thankfully, but the judges got rid of Marquis. Oh poo.  On to next week!


Notes: Cat’s dress made her look like a really hot, tall Tinkerbell and I loved it.  Also, she has pretty hair.  Her height is kind of ridiculous though.  Sometimes when she hugs the contestants, it looks scary. 

Oh, and there was an awesomely adorable band-aid commercial that was so cute it made me not hate children for a second!


SYTYCD Top 18: Pretty Costumes and Crazy Judges June 19, 2008

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It’s been quite some time since I wrote about So You Think You Can Dance, but that’s only because my teevee was out of commission for a while.  It’s working now, and I figured out how to use the DVR, so I’ll never miss an episode again. 



Last night, I missed the first dance (Chelsea and Thyne) because I was late getting home from a graduate school fair.  I know, I know…. SYTYCD first, education second.  I promise, it will never happen again.



The second dance of the night was Chelsie and Mark’s Argentine tango.  Chelsie is an 18- year-old Latin dance from Utah and Mark, 24, is a contemporary modern dancer from Honolulu.  In his “Interests/ Hobbies” interview on the show’s official website, Mark states he enjoys “walk-offs with friends.”  As in, runway walk-offs.  Anyway, the dance, I felt, was okay but nothing special.  In fact, I’d say I was disappointed, especially considering Chelsie is a Latin dancer.  They bore me, and I’m over them.



The third dance was by Will, a 21-year-old breaker from Nashville with no formal training, and Jessica, who is a 23-year-old contemporary dancer from Myrtle Beach.  They did hip hop, and it was good but not great.  In my opinion, he was a lot better than her and the judges seemed to agree.  I’d bet they stay for a few more weeks but unless Jess steps up her game, the first time they are in the Bottom Three, he’ll stay and she’ll go. 



Fourth couple was Kourtni (I know, this spelling is just heinous) and Matt.  She’s a tall, 18-year-old contemporary jazz dancer from Minnesota and he’s a 22-year-old contemporary dancer from Arizona who enjoys scrapbooking, cleaning, and barking like a dog.  Seriously, these guys are weird.  And also, obvi gay.  Anyway, back to the dancing… They danced the foxtrot, choreographed by that sweet French-Canadian Jean-Marc.  I enjoyed it; and I thought they looked very old Hollywood.  I wasn’t crazy impressed, especially with Kourtni, but overall, it was pretty and kept my attention.  The technical stuff needed some sprucing up, but I’d say these two are safe for the time being. 



Fifth, Courtney and Gev.  Sigh.  This is the first dance of the evening I really enjoyed, and I just love them as a couple.  In the little opening montage thing, you could tell Gev is just in love with her.  And she’s awesome.  She’s a little Italian firecracker from Queens, with a cute look to her; she dances lyrical, jazz and ballet.  She’s a dancer for the Knicks and we have the same birthday.  I’m kind of in love with her.  Gev is 21 and of Armenian/Russian descent though he was born in Kazakhstan and currently lives in Utah.  He’s a breaker with no formal training and counts among his favorite dancers Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air (one of mine too).  Their contemporary Mandi Moore piece was really pretty and I thoroughly enjoyed it, though the judges were kind of ambivalent.  I liked some of the little moves in there, the carrying and the footwork was really sweet.  Mandi Moore always adds these tiny little elements in her pieces that end up being memorable and beautiful. 



Next up, Katee (another annoying spelling) and Joshua.  Katee, 20, is a contemporary dancer from San Jose, and Joshua, 19, is a breaker from Fort Worth.  What to say, what to say… Well, they danced a Broadway number by Tyce, who is one of my fave choreographers because he’s just so adorable, positive and happy.  The piece itself was awesome.  It was really fast-paced and he really threw everything in there- typical Broadway stuff, but also managed to spice it up with Joshua’s breaking and Katee’s contemporary.  There were lifts, turns, throws, and a lot of synchronizing.  It’s really hard to impress me with Broadway dancing, because it’s very showy and sometimes lacking in the “ahhhh” factor, but this was just spot-on.  I was excited!  But seriously, not as excited as the judges… they went a little crazy, and it was kind of weird.  Nigel got up and started dancing and yelling about this being what he’s been waiting for, Mary went above and beyond the normal craziness and screamed something about them having a “tra-la-la place in her heart” and Mia got all new-age-y.  It was silliness, but well-deserved.



The seventh dance was a salsa by Susie and Marquis.  I’m not going to delve deeply into this because quite frankly, it sucked.  I had high hopes that Marquis was going to be the Danny of this season but he doesn’t exhibit the shoulder strength or perfection in movement.  I’ll be really surprised if Susie does not go home today.  She is a Latin/salsa dancer who sucked at salsa.  She’s done.  Marquis might get another shot.. and I want to like him- he’s a young contemporary dancer who lives in Jersey but grew up in Cape Coral, FL, where Poppa M winters.



Eighth was Kherington and Twitch’s Viennese Waltz.  This is another favorite couple of mine.  Kherington is really cute- and her smile is light-up-the-room awesome.  She’s also a great contemporary dancer from Cali, who at 18, just graduated high school and was planning on going to school on a soccer scholarship.  Basically, she’s an All-American-girl.  Twitch is great.  If you don’t remember, he tried out last season and made it to the last cut in Vegas before the judges picked Hok over him.  He came back this season after perfecting his stuff and also taking some other classes to make himself more well-rounded as a dancer.  His motivation and determination are admirable; it’s easy to tell how hard he works.  The dance itself was beautiful.  Kherington looked like Grace Kelly, and it was all gorgeous.  Jean-Marc choreographed it as an homage to his daughter who has some terrible condition where she lost all of her motor skills at 20-months-old.  It was touching, and Twitch was commanding and it was just lots of gooey awesomeness.



Last was Comfort and Chris.  Comfort is a popper from Texas; Chris a ballet dancer from Gaithersburg. They did a Krump routine by Lil C.  Comfort did well, though the judges thought she should have done better.  Chris, in my humble opinion, was shit.  OMG, he just could not pull off the ghetto-ness.  He’s terrible, and when Nigel told him his “granny is more ghetto” Chris got all defensive.  He’s my least favorite guy in the competition and I hope he goes home, STAT.



My current faves: Courtney, Kherington, Twitch, Gev, Joshua

My current hates: Susie, Chris



Other notes: Whoever does the costuming, bravo.  Everything was so great!  My faves were Matt’s ensemble, the Katee-Joshua Broadway get-up, and Kherington and Twitch’s coordinated white thing.  Yay for Twitch’s abs!  Hotness.  Also, Mary is ridiculous.  WTF was she wearing last night?  She was orange too, and it bothered me.  Other good things include the music, aside from that terrible song by the lead singer of the PussyCat Dolls, Nicole something or other.  Ech.


SYTYCD- Season 4 May 30, 2008

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Last night concluded the second week of SYTYCD Season 4 auditions.  There are still a couple more cities next week, and then Vegas Week before we find out who makes it to the show.  So far, there have only been a couple dancers who I’ve been very impressed with, and I’ve noticed a sincere lack of female talent, but it’s probably more to do with what they’ve been showing rather than a pattern.  Two of my favorites thus far are Robbie and Brandon.


Robbie’s audition video has been circulating around the Interwebs because he’s just incredibly unique.  Take a look:


Brandon is an 18 year old contemporary/ballet dancer from Miami who auditioned right here in DC!  His body is so perfect, and his technique is simply astounding.  He could be this year’s Danny Tidwell, but just with a warmer personality, and an infectious smile.  Check him out:


SYTYCD- Season 3 May 29, 2008

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After discovering SYTYCD during Season 2, I became a big fan and Season 3 was when the full-fledged love affair began.  This season saw Mary’s screams get louder, and some mini controversies about Wade Robson’s peace dances and Mia Michaels Marines jacket.  It also featured some of Season 2’s finalists in choreographer roles, which was cool.

My favorite dancer was Danny, hands down.  He is the adopted brother of Travis from Season 2, and is so effing awesome.  The judges consistently mentioned how his technical abilities were head and shoulders above the best they had ever seen on the program.  His leaps and turns were amazing; his skill unrivaled.  However, sometimes the audience did not take to him because of his standoffish demeanor that sometimes bordered on arrogant.  Danny was edged out of the win by Sabra, an exceptional dancer in her own right.  She had only been dancing for four years, which was ridic impressive and she lit up the stage with her exuberance and charisma.  She is also really tiny.  Other noteworthy contestants include Lacey, Neil and Hok.  Lacey is Season 2 winner Benji’s younger sister; she was good but lacked the personality that won it for Benji.  Hok is this Asian-British breaker with a funky hairstyle that really warmed my heart.  Neil was the third runner up, and he was a very eclectic dancer with a sweet personality.  Below is my favorite performance of the finale, which pits Neil and Danny as rivaling princes. 


SYTYCD- Season 2 Recap

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I am not an avid viewer of television.  I basically only watch LOST, and that’s it.  Unlike many Americans of my age and sex, I do not enjoy reality shows, even campy ones.  There is one exception to this, and it is my summer fling– So You Think You Can Dance.  This show is teh shit.  The judges actually judge; the contestants are phenomenal dancers; and the show avoids the over-the-top antics many other reality shows employ.  I will be blogging regularly about the show.


First of all, let’s rewind.  This is season 4.  I didn’t really watch the first season so I’m not really going to mention it.  The second season was great.  My favorite dancers were Travis, Allison and Ivan, in that order.  Travis was an adorable little blonde contemporary dancer who was exceptionally gifted- his technique was beautiful.  Allison was also a contemporary dancer, and she had previously appeared in High School Musical as a cheerleader.  Ivan was the wildcard- an accomplished hip-hop/breaker who managed to grow and progress each week in different styles of dance.  Other noteworthy dancers included Heidi, Benji and Dmitry.  Dmitry was a sexy, Russian ballroom dancer with a penchant for taking off his shirt.  Heidi and Benji were salsa dancing cousins who came from Latin dancing pedigree.  Heidi was ridiculously bubbly and it bothered me a lot.  She just always seemed like the fake-nice A+ overacheiver in high school. Benji was the fun guy who was able to bring his charisma to every kind of dance, and everyone just loved him.  Benji beat out Travis for the win, to nobody’s surprise. 


Mia Michaels won an Emmy later on in the year for her choreography of this performance- Travis and Heidi’s bench dance.