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Ode to the Stadium September 23, 2008

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Some buildings are beautiful; some are feats of engineering; some are just there for a specific purpose.  Very few buildings envoke true feelings.  Yes, old homes can do this, but it is more about personal memories of one than shared feeling with others.  Yankee Stadium was one of the few that did this, and I will always remember it fondly.

I only vaguely remember my first game at Yankee Stadium.  It was the summer of 1994 and I had just turned 9.  I went with my dad, my sister and my mom and little did I realize that in a couple months major league baseball would be close to extinction. I don’t remember who played or who won, but I remember yelling and teasing my 6-year-old sister about getting ketchup on her shirt.  Other memories include eating ice cream, being held up by my dad to see something, and thinking “WOW” as the Stadium erupted into cheers.  It was cool- to be in the big city, in the massive Stadium with more people than I had ever seen in one place at one time, all cheering for the same thing.

The strike made me semi-forget about baseball, but my grandparents always watched the Yankee games, and I got into it in 1996 when the Yankees were on a roll.  Though my heart belonged to Jonathan Taylor Thomas at the time, I developed a little crush on Derek Jeter.  He was so good! And young! Derek Jeter made baseball exciting for me, and from that season on, I was hooked.

On New Years Day in 1997, my parents announced they were splitting up.  Dad moved in with my grandparents down the street so he was still around a lot, but those every-other weekends were killer.  My 9 year old sister was easy to please- she loved playing sports and was still a little kid, so my dad could just play with her and all was well.  I was turning 12, ridiculously girly and into middle-school gossip and wondering when I’d get boobs (answer: sometime between 8th and 9th grades).  Watching baseball was pretty much the only thing Dad and I both enjoyed.  So for the next 5 years or so, I went to a lot of games with my sister and my Dad. One of the most memorable was Opening Day, 1998.  They had won the Series the year before and we got there early to see the banner raised.  We sat in the bleachers and it was absolutely miserable weather.  Cold and raining.  I remember bundling up in layers to get to the game and then talking Dad into buying overpriced sweatshirts at the game and wearing a poncho on top of everything.  We stayed almost until the end; leaving early because the bleacher creatures started to get drunk and surly.  When we got to my grandparents’ house, I remember my sister and I changing into the heaviest clothes we could find, then wrapping ourselves in the thick fleece Yankee blankets we had received the previous Christmas.  Grandma had made my sister hot chocolate and me hot tea with honey (I don’t eat/drink chocolate) and it was awesome. 

As we got older, my sister and I spent less planned time with Dad.  It wasn’t every other weekend anymore, and my stepmom was around to do things with as well.  Yankee games were few and far between.  When I went to college, they basically stopped.  I was in DC, and watched whatever games I could on tv.  For the first time, I had friends who were Red Sox fans.  I remember watching in 2003, as Aaron Boone became a hero, yelling in jubilation as my friends down the hall screamed obscenities in their Boston accents.  It was wonderful, but oh how I wished I could be there!

Fast forward and now I’m a surprising die-hard Yankee fan.  My Dad and my tomboy sister have become casual fans, while me, the daughter often invoking the nickname “princess”, checks stats, follows blogs daily and flies down to spring training.  It’s weird, and surprising to many people when I throw stats out or mention players in the farm system, but I love it and there’s no going back.  That first trip to the Stadium in 1994 and the subsequent trips with my Dad and my sister formed and cemented an uncomprimising love for baseball.  Maybe it would have happened if I had gone to another Stadium, but I doubt it.  The roar of that crowd and the ghosts that walk with you there can not be duplicated.  The memories I made there cemented my love of the game.  And I will miss it, greatly.


Yankees Rant September 12, 2008

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The Yankees are done.  We’ve known it for a while, but now that they are in fourth place, there’s really no denying it.  So of course, Hank Steinbrenner runs his mouth about setting up some sort of advisory panel; and Yankee bandwagoners are all “OOh, let’s fire Girardi.”  Pish posh.  It’s not happening.  If anyone’s leaving, it’s Cashman.  His contract is up and his hand-picked manager and young guns aren’t exactly working out.  He’s been in the organization since interning at college, now has to deal with a bevy of Steinbrenners instead of just one,  and Hank wants to transfer his authority to a panel?!  If anyone can understand the depths of Cashman’s loyalty, it’s me – we are both Catholic University alums after all.  But seriously, I’d just be all, “Fuck this shit.”  He could just leave, make money and have total autonomy at another organization.  Oh, and also, he wouldn’t have to deal with that whole anything-less-than-a-ring-is-a-failure mentality.  Any move he’d make to get the Nats over .500, and he’d be a hero.  Especially if it meant people actually went to the games.


Like Cynthia Rodriguez, I’m Cheating on a Yankee July 7, 2008

Dear Shelley Duncan;


I have a confession.  This last week; I’ve been cheating on you with another Yankee.  The place in my heart where you used to be is now consumed by Brett Gardner.  He is only 24, and so cute with his little Southern twang.  He’s so fast; his baserunning is just what the Yankees need right now.  And, ohmygod, the boy has great discipline in his at bats.  He makes the pitcher work for the out, fouling the ball here, taking balls there… I had been watching him intently since he was brought up from Scranton, but it wasn’t until yesterday’s game v. the evil Red Sox that I knew he was it, and that I should let you know you are no longer #1 in my heart. 

I’m really sorry to be doing this to you, Shelley, especially while you’re on the DL.  Maybe one day we can be together again but I’m just not sure.  I miss your fist pumps and chest bumps and the energy you brought to the team, but quite simply, you weren’t backing it up with stellar play.  Brett does that, and that’s why he’s my love now.  I hope you’re not angry.






Sports Round-Up July 3, 2008

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There are so many sports things to comment on, and I don’t have the time/energy/care to do it, so here’s my thoughts, in a nutshell.

  • Brett Favre is seriously considering un-retiring.  I love Favre; he’s my favorite old-guy crush, and though I’d enjoy staring at his tight ass for another season, enough is enough.  When you retire, just effing retire.  Oh, and think of Aaron Rodgers… boyfriend’s been sitting tight, waiting for his moment for years now.  Don’t dash his dreams again; he might lose it.
  • The Yankees couldn’t seem to hit…until last night when they scored 18 runs… and now, I’m sure, they’ll go back to not hitting.  Sigh.
  • Sean Avery, my favorite hockey playing Vogue intern, was signed by the Dallas Stars.  This is terrible, because Texas is where fashion goes to die.
  • Shelley Duncan was injured the other day.  He separated his shoulder diving to make a catch, and he’ll be in a sling for a while.  Poor Shelley.  He’s had a tough year.  Luckily, he has me to nurse him back to health. 
  •  Fucking A-Rod.  The rumours say he and Cynthia have split; he’s dating Madonna and she’s run off to Paris with Lenny Kravitz (who, as you may remember, once dated Madonna and co-wrote “Justify My Love”).  I totally believe the separation, because, um, duh, it was only a matter of time.  I don’t think he’s dating Madonna.  Let’s be honest here- A-Rod has an infinite choice of women; why would he go for Madonna?  Yeah, she’s rich and famous and stuff, but so is he.  She’s almost 20 years older than him, married with kids and in the middle of touring.  Seems like a hassle, you know?  They have the same manager; I’m going to bet they are just friends.  Cynthia dating Lenny Kravitz though?  I believe it, if only because it’s too random to be made up.  Except that um, he’s been celibate for three years?  Like, Cynthia, what’s the point?  It’s not like you’ll need the money; I’m sure your divorce settlement will be excruciatingly unfair (to Alex). 
  • The SuperSonics are leaving Seattle, like the always wanted, and going to Oklahoma City.  Whatever.  I guess Seattle fans will have to momentarily root for some other NBA team…Geography would have them go for Portland. 


I Scream, You Scream…. June 19, 2008

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…Mike Mussina screams for ice cream!


As you may or may not know, one of Girardi’s first moves as manager was to take all the junk food out of the clubhouse.  All of it.  Candy, soda, chips, ice cream.  Mike Mussina was not happy about that last part.  The Stanford Econ grad and crossword enthusiast likes nothing more than to enjoy some ice cream during a ballgame (who doesn’t?).  Well, a deal was made that at 10 wins, the ice cream would come back.  And it did, last week.  I’m sure Girardi didn’t see it coming so soon, being the Moose didn’t get 10 wins til September last year, but he’s probs not too upset.  Rumor has it that Moose and Girardi have struck another deal about M&Ms….who knows, maybe this will motivate Mussina to finally have that 20-win season that has eluded him these past 17 seasons…


Welcome, Oneli

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So, the Yanks have won 6 straight and things are looking up, despite the fact that Joba has yet to win a game and Wang is out til at least September.  Yesterday, Cashman signed Oneli Perez, who is a 25 year old from the Dominican Republic.  He started out in the Padres organization as an infielder but has been turned into a reliever in his travels from San Diego to the White Sox and Indians.  His numbers aren’t that great – an 8.49 ERA, for starters- but it’s pretty deceptive.  He’s a strikout RHP who has spent more time bouncing around the major leagues than actually pitching.  He’s a welcome addition to the Yanks, who have been fiddling with Farnsworth(less) and Edwar Ramirez since Joba’s transition.  Oh, and Oneli has 6 fingers on each hand.  Bizarre, and I’m interested to see whats up with his glove (is it specially made?)


Whatever Works… May 29, 2008

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I’m going to avoid blogging about the current state of the Yankees, because it’s pretty depressing and I’m just not in the mood to be depressed.  Instead, I’d like to mention the Yankees current MVP- Giambi’s mustache.


On May 4, Giambi had the lowest batting average in the majors, .150.  Since then, his average is .382 with a .507 OBP.  Did he change his hitting style? No.  Get back into the druggies? No.  He took advice from Matsui’s vast video collection, and grew a killer ‘stache.  His turnaround has been so dramatic that he is now giving advice to other players on how to kick their slumps- grow a ‘stache.  Johnny Damon has started, and so has Shelley Duncan.  Ohhh, how I’d love to take a ride on that!