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Snuggies on Parade February 12, 2009

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One of my favorite blogs is Bob Loblaw’s Job Blog (love the arrested development reference) and the guy that writes it is hilarious.  Of particular interest is his close following of Snuggie: the blanket with sleeves. All this time, I thought I was the only one who was obsessed with the Snuggie, but it turns out that it has an almost cult-like following.


As if purchasing two Snuggies and two book lights for ONLY$19.95 wasn’t lucrative enough, Ad Age reported that over 4 million Snuggie units have been sold in the past 3 months–making Snuggie one of the few products projecting profitability this year.


As with all things successful, controversy ensues.  It turns out that the Snuggie is actually a rip-off of the Slanket.  The Slanket comes in a wide variety of colors while Snuggie is only availble in three lame shades, but the  main difference: the Slanket retails for a whopping $44.95! The Slanket’s website claims that it originated circa 1998, thus proving that Snuggie ripped off its idea. However, the Snuggie’s ingenious marketing scheme and price make it a virtual no brainer when trying to choose the right fleece blanket with sleeves for you.


And now, there’s apparently a Snuggie Pub Crawl in the works in Chicago. Though the date, time and location of the pub crawl are yet to be announced, 524 people have already registered to attend. The organizers of the event are planning to purchase mass quantities of Snuggies and then make them available for sale on  Personally, I think that those attending should also wear their free book lights on their heads as they move from pub to pub.  Kind of like the lights on coal miners hats.  Just to illuminate their paths, obviously.  


My strong desire for a Snuggie continues…fingers crossed for Valentine’s day.


The Problem with A-Rod is Canseco was Right February 10, 2009

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Alex Rodriguez did not need steroids. His natural athletic ability has been noted since his high school days, and he has never given reason for anyone to deny that fact in the twenty-ish years since. He is not Barry Bonds, who needed the record and so obviously inflated his body, and he is not Roger Clemens, who needed to delay the inevitable decline that comes about when pitchers age. So why did he take them? Why did the guy who is psycho about working out and eating right inject a random concoction of steroids into his body when he did not need them to stay at the top of his game?

Because he is A-Rod. Because he is the center of the world, and he will never be good enough for himself. Because he needs all the records, all the stats, all the awards. Because he needs more of everything; nothing can satiate his ego. Because up until 2003, he could get away with it, so why not? Because he was not going to stand by and let others juice and get closer to his level of play.

And really, what does this admission do, other than keep the PR staff of the Yankees busily employed in this time of recession and layoff? Most Yankee fans, myself included, have hated Alex for years. His me-first attitude and October failings coupled with his ridiculous pay and media stunts cemented our disdain years ago. Fans of other teams hated him as well. It takes a lot for fans of other teams to respect Yankees players; the Yanks are the big-money, big-talking corporate powerhouse that takes your hometown team’s best players and throws it in your face. A Yankee player needs to be very good in both baseball and character to earn that respect, and Alex was never that guy.

The only potential fall-out for Alex from this admission- Hall of Fame voting, a decade and a half down the line. This era has been ripe with PED abuse, and it is difficult to even guess what the standards for HoF admission will be at that time.

The potential fall-out for baseball itself? Fans have one less player to look to as proof of natural talent and ability dominating the game. Really, who is left? Who are the good guys left from the baseball boom of the 90s? Ken Griffey Jr., Derek Jeter?

The only thing the fans can hope for now is that the cheating is left in the past. Leave A-Rod and Bonds to the history books, and throw more attention on the feel-good story of Josh Hamilton, the scrappy play of Dustin Pedroia, and the successes of Evan Longoria. The game needs a little more Lou Gehrig and a little less Pete Rose.

(Blog by Mal)


Lexulous: Awesomelous January 27, 2009

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Today I realized that scrabulous has been reincarnated as Lexulous on facebook.  Awesome! Now I can keep my mind sharp whilst wallowing in my unemployment in my apartment all day.  Your move, old man.




Epic Failures November 18, 2008

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A group of fourth graders in the U.K. recently went on a field trip to the local Sainsbury’s grocery store.  The store manager handed out books to the children called “How to Change the World With a Fiver,” which taught how to live eco-consciously whilst having fun.  Sounds harmless, right?  WRONG.

In one chapter, the book advised readers to save water by bathing with others.  Here is the illustration from the book, complete with the text “Save water. Have fun. Just Get out before everything becomes wrinkled.”



Other suggestions included to shave “intimate places” to keep hygienic; and to meet future bathing partners by talking to strangers and giving them your number. 


Sure, this is a huge FAIL on the part of the store manager… but it should ultimately be blamed on the teachers for taking their students to a Sainsbury’s for a field trip.  A grocery store, really?  That is one of the worst field trips ever.  Well, I guess there’s nothing else to see…nothing of any cultural or historical importance, being that it is England and all….


I Give the Election 5 More of My Sentences, and THAT IS IT. November 5, 2008

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Obama 2008Obama won last night by a landslide.  Do you know what this means? IT IS OVER. This 2-year bitchy, whingy, slapfest we call an election is finally done with, and I, for one, could not be happier.  Now we can move on to more important things, like actual policy formation and trying to get this country the hell out of economic ruin and war.


Spamalot October 15, 2008

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Shane Victorino of the Phillies has been pretty awesome the past couple weeks, hitting a grand slam off Sabathia in the NLDS and the game-tying homer in Game Four of the NLCS.  Because of these feats, he’s gotten some publicity as of late.  One reporter, obviously with no creativity whatsoever, asked him what food is his favorite.  Easy question, right?  He answered “spam musubi” and went on with his baseball heroics.

Until PETA, never one to miss an opportunity for publicity, got wind of this.  Spam Musubi!  The horror!  Shane Victorino, who plays for the team with the most vegetarian-friendly stadium, is a terrible, animal-killing jerk.

Umm, wait though… back up.  WTF is “Spam Musubi”?  Well, I looked it up, kids, so you do not have to. It’s a lovely little treat served all over Hawai’i.  It consists of a block of salted rice with a slice of Spam on top, with nori (seaweed) wrapped around it.  It is often served with teriyaki sauce, tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette) and furikake (seasoning), and sometimes the Spam is cooked in jelly. 

OMG, EWWW.  The PETA people should really back off, because obviously Victorino has bigger problems.  His taste buds do not work.  Because really, jellied spam and rice wrapped in seaweed with teriyaki sauce, egg and seasoning?! Thinking of that makes me want to vomit.  Ughhh.


Here’s to You, Samantha Parkington

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Some bad news today… American Girl is discontinuing the Samantha Parkington (and Best Friend Nellie) collection.  Though the books will still be available in stores, the rest of the collection is moving to the American Girl Archives.

I was obsessed with the American Girl books and dolls as a child, and Samantha was my absolute favorite.  Like me, she had dark brown hair and eyes, and loved pretty dresses and large hairbows.  She was an orphan being raised by her wealthy grandparents in New York in 1904, and her stories touched on issues like child labor and women’s suffrage.  It’s sad to think young girls will not have Samantha Parkington to learn from anymore, but she’ll always have a place in my heart.