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Snuggie and Sham-wow January 26, 2009

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Anyone who spends a significant amount of time watching tv (cough, me) has probably seen copious amounts of infomercials for random products.  Two of my favorites are the Snuggie and Sham-wow.  I’ve never bought anything from an infomercial before, but for some reason, I feel like my life could be significantly improved by the addition of both the Snuggie and Sham-wow. One, I would be warm all the time, AND still have use of my  thumbs.  I could read in the dark with the booklight that comes with Snuggie.  AND I could clean up virtually any mess with Shamwow. I asked my boyfriend to surprise with either one for Valentine’s Day. I hope he pulls through.

When I logged into WordPress this morning, I immediately saw a blog post about Snuggie, so like any Snuggie-covetter, I clicked on it.  Turns out that there is a Snuggie commercial parody going around that is hilarious.  Check it out on this blog: or below.  


I’m not a Cat Person, Lauren December 15, 2008

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To put it mildly, I am not an animal person.  Dogs are so annoyingly needy and smelly and I’m really not into that.  You would think I’d be into cats because they are bitchy and selfish, both attributes I tend to enjoy, but I’m allergic to them so they are ruled out.  However, I may change my mind if only to buy a kitty wig.


That’s right.  There is a website that makes and sells wigs for cats.  There are currently four different wigs to choose from and they are all awesome.  I personally enjoy the electric blue one:



The paler, the better. November 21, 2008

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Everyone who knows me, knows I have a “type.”  I’m not into big, ripped guys or conventionally “hot” guys.  I am into tall, fair-skinned (some might say pale), dorky boys.  Not all-out dorks; I am not talking about Trekkies or World of Warcraft enthusiasts, just guys that think a lot, read a lot, etc… Intellectual, per say.  Anyway, someone asked me recently who is my biggest celebrity crush, and I thought I’d share. 





Nate Silver, obvs!  He is tall, pale, thin and very dorky.  All those numbers! Plus, he cares about baseball and politics!  He is my soulmate.  Him, or umm, Ben Roethlisberger.



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I’ve lost my British singer-songwriter.  Please let me know if you’ve seen him; there is a REWARD*.

Goes By: Adam Masterson

Look: Usually tight skinny jeans, thin deep-v-neck tee, leather Members Only jacket, pointy shoes, shaggy hair, guitar, harmonica harness.

*A public thank you, on this blog.


To Be Victoria… September 9, 2008

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Most everyone knows of my love for Victoria Beckham.  She is a fashion icon, not only because of what she wears but also because she embodies the idea of dressing for your figure.  I can go on and on why I love her, from her motherly qualities, to her cute kids, to her hot husband to her sense of self… but I won’t.  Instead I will just post a couple pictures from her dress line, which showed at NY Fashion Week yesterday.  I think her frocks are awesome, and I deeply covet them.  Please do not hesitate to buy them for me, if you have some extra cash.

Also, Vicky has a new ‘do and I heart it.  I am seriously considering cutting my hair in a similiar fashion.  Please let me know in the comments if you think this is a good idea. Thanks!


Covet of the day… August 26, 2008

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This awesome shirt comes from and I covet it.