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Guest Starring… May 13, 2008

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Kerry and I have been ridic busy with actual work lately, so our blog posts have been few and far between.  I’ve asked my friend Phil, a dapper Brit living in London, to write a little something for us in his favorite medium- haiku.

“Blogging” by Phil Donohue

She beckoned me here,
This place where she speaks her mind,
Me, Myself, and Hi!
In the blogging world,
We take the style for granted,
Yet it breeds substance.
Though across the pond,
I sit here thinking once more,
“Is this poetry?”
Not what she wanted!
A great shame, I quite liked it,
But she is in charge.
I’m still lost for words,
I thought this might work out well,
At least, for a while.
However, I’m done.
Thank you for attention.
Visit me sometime….

Phil’s blog can be found in our links to the right.