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Karl News Update: Karl to color/become a proper noun October 13, 2008

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Wonderful Karl news comes to us from British Vogue:

Karl has appplied his design talent to the 2009 edition of the lauded French illustrated dictionary Le Petit Larousse Illustré (Larousse Small Illustrated Dictionary) – joining the ranks of Christian Lacroix and comic book artist Moebius as designers who have lent their aesthetic vision to the tome in the past.

Lagerfeld’s love of books is well known – his personal library is reportedly the size of a ballroom – and for the cover of the annual book he has illustrated the original Larousse motif of a woman blowing the seeds of knowledge, otherwise known as La Semeuse. Lagerfeld’s Semeuse is clad in naught but a pair of blue, elbow length gloves.

The black case is adorned with a photo-realistic sketch of the man himself accompanied by the words “Habillé par Karl Lagerfeld” (“dressed by Karl Lagerfeld”) and, for the first time, Lagerfeld has joined Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard in the dictionary’s proper noun section, reports WWD. The book is due for release on November 9.


Homo Heartbreak September 24, 2008

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My broken heart.  Today, the earth stands still, the sky is red and the grass is pink.  I went to CVS this morning and on the magazine rack was People with the giant coverline proclaiming Clay Aiken is gay.


That’s right.  The most beautiful, most talented singer in the world likes guys.  I’m so shocked, so speechless; it’s simply astounding.  It comes out of nowhere.  His daliances with starlets, all those pictures of him making out with Vegas showgirls..they gave me hope.  They made me think, you know maybe one day I can be with Clay Aiken.  I’ve loved him for so long.  I’ve always considered him not only incredibly gorgeous and incredibly talented, but also, so manly!  My room is plastered with Clay Aiken pictures, and I listen to his many albums on repeat all day, every day.  Now, that hope is gone.  I guess I’ll just have to throw my whole heart at Zac Efron; there’s no way he’s gay so I’ll be sure not to be heartbroken again.


To Be Victoria… September 9, 2008

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Most everyone knows of my love for Victoria Beckham.  She is a fashion icon, not only because of what she wears but also because she embodies the idea of dressing for your figure.  I can go on and on why I love her, from her motherly qualities, to her cute kids, to her hot husband to her sense of self… but I won’t.  Instead I will just post a couple pictures from her dress line, which showed at NY Fashion Week yesterday.  I think her frocks are awesome, and I deeply covet them.  Please do not hesitate to buy them for me, if you have some extra cash.

Also, Vicky has a new ‘do and I heart it.  I am seriously considering cutting my hair in a similiar fashion.  Please let me know in the comments if you think this is a good idea. Thanks!


About Last Night

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Last night, I had the good fortune to see The Kooks play at the 9:30 Club right here in Washington, DC.  The first time I heard the Kooks, they were just starting to get radio play in London, and I can remember sitting on a bus on my way to work at Portcullis House listening to “Naive” on my ipod.  I’ve been following them ever since.


No, the Kooks are not exactly innovative, or lyrical geniuses.  But, their songs are extremely catchy and the lead singer (Luke) has an unique-sounding voice and phenomenal stage presence.  They are wonderful performers, and each band member looks like they are having the time of their life whilst playing.  Also, they sound and act so very British, and as a bit of an anglophile, this excites me greatly.


The show last night started with the opening band, Illinois.  They were good, albeit a little strange.  They were all over the place with a weird “Dear Lord, if you’re listening, I’d like more hair” thing,  some country-inspired rock reminicent of 3 Doors Down, and then some rap-like thing.  Overall, very entertaining and very good.  I especially enjoyed the electric banjo playing, and believe because of this band I think banjo-ists are sexy. 


The Kooks came out in their typical British rock star ways, adorning their skinny bodies with extremely tight pants and v-necked shirts and a mop of dirty, long hair on their heads.  Paul was back on drums after an extended injury, so I was psyched.  I was also psyched that we were about 8 people back from the stage.  As for the music, they were awesome.  They played a mix of songs from their first and second albums, and interspersed their hits and popular songs so that even those who weren’t avid fans would stay pumped.  Luke is so entertaining.  He uses the entire stage, throws around the microphone stand, stands at the edge of the stage, kicks and yells and gets the audience involved.  During one of the last songs, he actually crowd surfed a bit, and was about 2 people away from me.  I could have gone over to him and been a part of the madness, but I feared the combination of my love of all things British and my love of dirty musician types would have led to sexual assault. 


Anyway, last night was awesome and if you can catch a Kooks show I highly recommend doing so. 


PS- I took some great pics and will post them later today.


R.I.P. July 22, 2008

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Today, Estelle Getty died, 3 days shy of her 85th birthday.  In honor of her life, here are a few choice quotes from Golden Girls, probably one of the best sitcoms ever.


Blanche: Is that all you Italians know how to do, scream and yell?

Sophia: No, we can also cook, sing opera and make love.


Blanche: Is it okay to sleep with a man on the first date?

Sophia: It’s a sin.  I don’t care what anyone says; it’s a sin.  But I’d go back to eating fish on Fridays if his holiness gave that one the green light.


Sophia: When I feel bad I have to take my mind off it.  There’s only one thing that does that to me.

Dorothy: Cooking a big meal.

Sophia: No, making love in a closet.


Sophia: Jealousy is a very ugly thing Dorothy, and so are you in anything backless.


Naked Cowboy Suing M&M’s June 25, 2008

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Working in Times Square (unfortunately) puts me in close contact with the infamous Naked Cowboy almost every day. For those of you who don’t know, for the past ten years, Robert Burck (who calls himself the naked cowboy) plays the guitar while dressed only in white cowboy boots, a hat and skimpy white underwear in Times Square. One day he wasn’t very busy – I think it was overcast or something – and I was stuck at that particular light where he stands waiting to cross the street, so I decided to ask the Naked Cowboy some burning questions that I’d been grappling with for some time. Below, I will share with you the juicy tidbits I learned from our conversation.

  • The Naked Cowboy does not wear the same pair of tighty-whities every day. Rather, he has many pairs, all with the words “Naked Cowboy” written in capital letters on the ass. Though he has several pairs, he washes his underwear on a regular basis to keep them looking pristine, crisp and bright.
  • The Naked Cowboy sticks to a strict workout regime to keep his body toned though admittedly, i have seen him in the deli eating a bag of chips.
  • The Naked Cowboy is a shrewd businessman: he charges tourists $5 to take a picture with him, and makes bank every day. In fact, he claims to have so much money that he has his very own brand-new Cadillac Escalade. He also told me that he has saved a great deal of money and it is earning interest in the bank.
  • When the Naked Cowboy needs to use a bathroom during the day (which happens from time to time – he is only human, after all), he walks into nearby hotels such as the Marriott Marquis to use their lobby bathrooms.
  • The Naked Cowboy has a managerial type sidekick who hands out promotional flyers to bystanders and tourists. He also sometimes films the Naked Cowboy with a hand-held camera.

And that is what I know about the Naked Cowboy in a nutshell. So naturally I was interested to read on Reuters today that the Naked Cowboy will be allowed to move forward with the $6 million lawsuit he filed in February over video billboards depicting a blue M&M dressed in his signature outfit.

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Show Me That Smile Again… June 24, 2008

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This is a silly, crazy hockey blooper.



And who is the person who scored that goal?  Only America’s favorite late-80s television father of Canadian descent- ALAN THICKE!