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Where exactly I’ve been… January 9, 2009

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Hello all! I apologize for the extremely long delay in my posting.  But I have a perfectly valid explanation.  You see, I left my semi joke of a desk job in October for a better paying, promotion-getting new job with another company.   I worked in marketing at said new company for exactly a month until my boss called me into his office on the morning of December 11th, and there was a woman in a suit from HR sitting there. She asked me if I wanted water and I was all like, “Um, no”.

“I’m sure you know the company is going through a tough time right now,” my boss said.  “And unfortunately, we’ve lost the funding for your position.  It’s not personal.  I’m going to leave now and this woman from HR will explain your severance to you.” And that was it.  I had to hand in my ID card right away, pack up my stuff and peace out (but at least I took my pilot G2 pens with me).  So here I am: on unemployment and still living in NYC. 

Read all about my unemployment-y life on my new blog:  




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