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Karl speaks: bling is demode! January 29, 2009

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Clean out your hearts and your closets, people…Karl has spoken.   The UK telegraph recently ran a poignant article about Karl’s thoughts on fashion during the recession and he had some truly prolific things to say.  “Bling is over,” Karl declared. “I call it ‘the New Modesty’.”  According to the article,

This whole crisis is like a big spring housecleaning – both moral and physical,” the German-born Chanel designer told The New York Times. “There is no creative evolution if you don’t have dramatic moments like this. Red carpets covered with rhinestones are out.” Cutting back his own spending may not be a part of Lagerfeld’s strategy, but the implication for the rest of us is clear: where luxury was an attitude as much as a style of dress, we are to find a replacement in modesty.

So throw out your Bedazzler and break out those button-up collared shirts. It’s time for New Modesty.


Anti-spam word verification stress January 28, 2009

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I often encounter the same problem when trying to sign up for new websites, buy something online, etc. The anti-spam blocker shows two words in a box that are all squiggly and blurry and then it says “type the characters as you see them in the picture above” and I have to type them as they appear above to get through.  


But here is where the problem comes into play: Even though I know I haven’t done any wrong, I get nervous about spelling the words right.  Sometimes the squiggly letters look confusing, and sometimes an “a” might look like and “o” with a line through it, or the word is not actually a real word but a made-up word.   You get the idea.  I’m a smart person with good vision so I don’t understand why this presents such a problem to me, but it does. It’s unnecessarily stressful and I don’t like it. That is all.




Lexulous: Awesomelous January 27, 2009

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Today I realized that scrabulous has been reincarnated as Lexulous on facebook.  Awesome! Now I can keep my mind sharp whilst wallowing in my unemployment in my apartment all day.  Your move, old man.




Snuggie and Sham-wow January 26, 2009

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Anyone who spends a significant amount of time watching tv (cough, me) has probably seen copious amounts of infomercials for random products.  Two of my favorites are the Snuggie and Sham-wow.  I’ve never bought anything from an infomercial before, but for some reason, I feel like my life could be significantly improved by the addition of both the Snuggie and Sham-wow. One, I would be warm all the time, AND still have use of my  thumbs.  I could read in the dark with the booklight that comes with Snuggie.  AND I could clean up virtually any mess with Shamwow. I asked my boyfriend to surprise with either one for Valentine’s Day. I hope he pulls through.

When I logged into WordPress this morning, I immediately saw a blog post about Snuggie, so like any Snuggie-covetter, I clicked on it.  Turns out that there is a Snuggie commercial parody going around that is hilarious.  Check it out on this blog: or below.  


My Bloody Valentine in 3-D January 21, 2009

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I experienced something this past weekend that I feel I must share with you: My Bloody Valentine in 3-D.  I say “experienced” because seeing a 3-D horror movie – a terrible horror movie – truly is an experience that every person should have.


My Bloody Valentine experience began by spending $14.50 on a ticket and 3-D glasses. Yes this was ridiculous, but I chalked it up to the 3-D-ness and moved on.  We got prime seats (the guy next to us was strange though, and brought a backpack full of “goodies” – candy, chips, soda, etc) in the back middle of the theater.  Before I go on, I must say as a disclaimer that I unabashedly love the horror movie genre, and embrace both terrible and well-done horror movies equally. That said, the plot of My Bloody Valentine is God awful.  This is coming from a person who loved Dead Silence, ok?  

Here is how the plot is summarized on IMDB:

Tom  returns to his hometown on the tenth anniversary of the Valentine’s night massacre that claimed the lives of 22 people. Instead of a homecoming, however, Tom finds himself suspected of committing the murders, and it seems like his old flame  is the only one will believes he’s innocent.

Here is my interpretation of the plot:

This guy returns to an old mining town where is he haunted by the memory of a massacre that killed 22 people on Valentine’s Day.  He was there and it was his family’s mine, but after the massacre, he peaced out without explanation, leaving a confused family and sad girlfriend behind. Fast forward ten years and he returns  to the town right before Valentine’s Day to take care of some unfinished family business (his dad died and he wasn’t even at the funeral, GEEZ!).  His return just so happens to coincide with a new wave of bloody Valentine murders, making him a prime suspect.  But who should we believe? The jealous town sheriff? Or the shady guy with scruffy facial hair who’s been MIA for ten years?  Only an abundance of overwritten dialogue (“she’s MY wife! I have sex with her!”) pick-axes, eyes getting poked out and full-frontal nudity will provide the true answer.


Now, I won’t spoil the movie for you, readers, but know this: yes the plot sucked, but the 3-D was cool and fun.  If you are looking for a fun way to spend the night with friends and maybe share a few laughs (yes, people in the theater laughed repeatedly ), then you should see My Bloody Valentine in 3-D.  If you’re looking for a Dead-Silence quality horror movie, then save your pennies until the release of the Friday the 13th movie on February 13th.


Silly Goat

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Ma, I want some meatloaf. Ma!


Craigslist Unemployment Wisdom January 14, 2009

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I posted these on Laidoffinnyc too, but they’re too good not to share…


Unemployed man seeking a woman to share unemployment with:


Artist seeking your rendered-useless business cards:


Unemployed dude wanting a free massage (haha):


Hilarious post by Joe the Carpenter: (I couldn’t make this up if I tried)