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Epic Failures November 18, 2008

Filed under: News — mallori612 @ 7:40 pm

A group of fourth graders in the U.K. recently went on a field trip to the local Sainsbury’s grocery store.  The store manager handed out books to the children called “How to Change the World With a Fiver,” which taught how to live eco-consciously whilst having fun.  Sounds harmless, right?  WRONG.

In one chapter, the book advised readers to save water by bathing with others.  Here is the illustration from the book, complete with the text “Save water. Have fun. Just Get out before everything becomes wrinkled.”



Other suggestions included to shave “intimate places” to keep hygienic; and to meet future bathing partners by talking to strangers and giving them your number. 


Sure, this is a huge FAIL on the part of the store manager… but it should ultimately be blamed on the teachers for taking their students to a Sainsbury’s for a field trip.  A grocery store, really?  That is one of the worst field trips ever.  Well, I guess there’s nothing else to see…nothing of any cultural or historical importance, being that it is England and all….


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