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Wedding Music November 5, 2008

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theloveboats1v1My mom is getting married to Stan on a cruise over New Year’s.  I’m happy because they’ve been together for ages and it’s about time they just make the thing legit (except in the eyes of my Catholic church, of course).  At first I was pumped, because they enjoy cruising so it makes sense, plus I get a free vacation to the Bahamas in the winter.  But now I’ve been tapped to help in the planning, and if there’s anything harder than trying to help plan a wedding for someone who lives 3 hours away, it’s helping plan a wedding that is taking place on a ship thousands of miles away with a person who lives 3 hours away. 


There’s all these excess things to do… like finding silk flowers because you can’t bring living plants on a ship and figuring out how to do the whole can’t-see-the-bride-before-the-wedding when everyone has to board the ship at the same time.  But my latest task is the music.  Apparently it is kind of a BYO thing.  My mom, of course, freaked out because she has no idea how to put together a playlist or even what songs to play.  My sister, Demon Child, was supposed to help but because she is a Demon, she flaked.  So, it’s my job now… which is fine… except I’m lost.


The hardest part about this playlist is that the number of people at the wedding is really small- like 20 or 25.  Therefore, the normal dance songs might not work because of a lack of crowd.  And forget about slow songs- I have no date, and a lot of guests don’t either so there would be a lot of awkward swaying and nobody wants that.  Then, there’s dinner music problems: we have no idea how long dinner will last, what it will be, or what the setup will be in the room.


So, if anyone out there has any suggestions, please let me know.  The only thing I have so far is a Britney Spears medley, some Earth Wind & Fire and the song “Rock the Boat.”


One Response to “Wedding Music”

  1. Sr. Piltdown Says:

    Sorry. The only stuff I listen to is house music and Enya.

    If you’re looking for a date, and you like Chilean men, I do know this one guy..

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