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Spamalot October 15, 2008

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Shane Victorino of the Phillies has been pretty awesome the past couple weeks, hitting a grand slam off Sabathia in the NLDS and the game-tying homer in Game Four of the NLCS.  Because of these feats, he’s gotten some publicity as of late.  One reporter, obviously with no creativity whatsoever, asked him what food is his favorite.  Easy question, right?  He answered “spam musubi” and went on with his baseball heroics.

Until PETA, never one to miss an opportunity for publicity, got wind of this.  Spam Musubi!  The horror!  Shane Victorino, who plays for the team with the most vegetarian-friendly stadium, is a terrible, animal-killing jerk.

Umm, wait though… back up.  WTF is “Spam Musubi”?  Well, I looked it up, kids, so you do not have to. It’s a lovely little treat served all over Hawai’i.  It consists of a block of salted rice with a slice of Spam on top, with nori (seaweed) wrapped around it.  It is often served with teriyaki sauce, tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette) and furikake (seasoning), and sometimes the Spam is cooked in jelly. 

OMG, EWWW.  The PETA people should really back off, because obviously Victorino has bigger problems.  His taste buds do not work.  Because really, jellied spam and rice wrapped in seaweed with teriyaki sauce, egg and seasoning?! Thinking of that makes me want to vomit.  Ughhh.


Here’s to You, Samantha Parkington

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Some bad news today… American Girl is discontinuing the Samantha Parkington (and Best Friend Nellie) collection.  Though the books will still be available in stores, the rest of the collection is moving to the American Girl Archives.

I was obsessed with the American Girl books and dolls as a child, and Samantha was my absolute favorite.  Like me, she had dark brown hair and eyes, and loved pretty dresses and large hairbows.  She was an orphan being raised by her wealthy grandparents in New York in 1904, and her stories touched on issues like child labor and women’s suffrage.  It’s sad to think young girls will not have Samantha Parkington to learn from anymore, but she’ll always have a place in my heart.


Failure is Funny October 13, 2008

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Sometimes at work, you just really need to smirk at something stupid.  For me, that thing is Fail Blog.  I’ve always had a fond love of seeing people trip, fall, wear jorts, and I guess, Failure overall.

Here are a few of my favorite failures:


Karl News Update: Karl to color/become a proper noun

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Wonderful Karl news comes to us from British Vogue:

Karl has appplied his design talent to the 2009 edition of the lauded French illustrated dictionary Le Petit Larousse Illustré (Larousse Small Illustrated Dictionary) – joining the ranks of Christian Lacroix and comic book artist Moebius as designers who have lent their aesthetic vision to the tome in the past.

Lagerfeld’s love of books is well known – his personal library is reportedly the size of a ballroom – and for the cover of the annual book he has illustrated the original Larousse motif of a woman blowing the seeds of knowledge, otherwise known as La Semeuse. Lagerfeld’s Semeuse is clad in naught but a pair of blue, elbow length gloves.

The black case is adorned with a photo-realistic sketch of the man himself accompanied by the words “Habillé par Karl Lagerfeld” (“dressed by Karl Lagerfeld”) and, for the first time, Lagerfeld has joined Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard in the dictionary’s proper noun section, reports WWD. The book is due for release on November 9.



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I’ve lost my British singer-songwriter.  Please let me know if you’ve seen him; there is a REWARD*.

Goes By: Adam Masterson

Look: Usually tight skinny jeans, thin deep-v-neck tee, leather Members Only jacket, pointy shoes, shaggy hair, guitar, harmonica harness.

*A public thank you, on this blog.