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Just Another Manic Monday…. September 29, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — mallori612 @ 6:30 pm

Another day, another effing financial crisis.  Besides Wachovia joining the ever-growing list of failed banks, and being bought out by Citigroup, the bailout bill (which everyone kind of hated but thought is totes nec) failed to pass the House.  YAY!  Soon, everyone will be out of a job so we should probably go out and stock up on canned food, Ramen and bottled water.  But first, Kerry and I have compiled a list of possible names for the impending financial crisis, since “The Great Depression” has already been used.

  • The Greater Depression
  • The Ultimate Depression
  • The Big Bummer
  • The Nightmare on Wall Street
  • The Super Sadness
  • The Big Broke
  • The Monetary Meltdown
  • Something in Chinese, when they take us over and force us to speak Mandarin.

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