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Don’t Eff with the Waiter, Pooface September 25, 2008

Filed under: Rants — mallori612 @ 7:38 pm

I’ve been working in restaurants and bars since high school, but the audacity of some people to harass servers has never ceased to amaze me.

Last night, while working as a cocktail server (at a hotel wine-bar, not exactly skeevytown) I was waiting on a table of two middle-aged guys.  They were nice enough and spoke vaguely with them, but pretty much left any convo to “would you like your martini with a twist or olives?”.  No big deal, right?

Wrong.  One drink in the guys and they were ridic.  I simply went over to the table to check on them and one of the guys; I’ll call him Balding; simply said, “you know, you are HOT”.  I thanked him for the compliment but he kept going on and on, asking his friend to tell me I’m hot, etc.  I started to feel uncomfortable and did not respond to Balding because frankly, what the eff could I possibly say besides “thank you”?  Well, then Balding said that since I did not respond, I must KNOW I’m hot, which makes me that much hotter.  This was followed by a diatribe on how hot and sexy confidence is…of course.

I avoided that table for a while; only going back when I saw their glasses were empty.  Then I was told, again, that I’m hot and was asked if I would be working the following day (today).  When I said no, I was promptly listed all the things Balding and I could do together.  I threw out the typical, “Oh, tomorrow I have plans with my boyfriend,” hoping he’d get the point and quit.

Of course not.  Balding asked for my boyfriend’s info so that they could chat.  He explained why he was better than my boyfriend, and why I should spend time with him instead.  Bear in mind that he had no idea who he was comparing himself to since he’s never met this boyfriend.  Meeting him would, in fact, be impossible, because I do not have a boyfriend.  In this situation, my “boyfriend” was a complete work of fiction (which, btw, makes him perfect and therefore uncomparable).  Anyway… I quickly got out of that situation and transferred the table to someone else.  It just is amazing how little respect waitresses and waiters get from their customers.  Saying things of that nature in an office setting is easy grounds for a sexual harassment lawsuit.. why do we put up with it in restaurants?  It’s still our place of work and everyone deserves respect and comfort in their place of employment.


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