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Let’s all move to Portland, OR September 12, 2008

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Today, Travel & Leisure Magazine announced the Best American Cities 2008. 

The first section is called “People.”  There are 6 categories: attractiveness, friendliness, intelligence, activeness,  diversity and style.  DC, to nobody’s surprise  at all, was number 21 out of 25 for attractiveness.  The most attractive cities are apparently Miami, San Diego and Austin.  The least attractive is Philly, for the second year in a row, and I am completely on board with this assessment.  I’m okay with all of this, really, except that Chicago was named number 16.  I recently travelled to Chicago and the one bad thing I had to say about the city is that the people are unattractive.   As for friendliness, the southern cities won of course, and big northern cities like DC and NYC were on the bottom of the list.  For intelligence, DC is a respective #7.  We’re in the middle of every other category except for our high standing of #3 in diversity.  Woot!

DC does pretty poorly in every other category except for Culture.  Overall, DC ranks #2 for cultural vacations.  We even scored 2 #1 rankings- museums and historical sites.  Shocker.  Oh, and we’re number 2 in transportation, falling only behind Portland, Oregon.

About Portland, Oregon…. it was in the top five, if not the top 2 or 3, in almost every category in every section that I was interested in.  And I took a great little quiz to find my “ideal city” and it is Portland.  I’m very confused by this.  Up until about mid-April,  I knew nothing about Portland.  It has never crossed my mind when I think about possible places to go.  But maybe I should give it a shot?  Who knows.  It’s got to be better than unattractive, historical site friendly DC.


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