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Craigslist Inspirations September 9, 2008

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The following is a DC craigslist missed connection:

Stephen, I know we are meant to be. Whenever I smell soil on a fresh English morning, just as the bluebells are in bloom, it reminds me of you. Do you remember buying me a gramophone? I miss you — I was so wrong about Simon.

Please write me.

P.S. I live in a castle

Now, this missed connection is absolutely exquisite!  In fact, it instantly led me to devise a British romantic comedy plot:

A British young woman, Cecilia, is the daughter of English nobility and spends her days in her parents’ castle, working on her novel.  She is beautiful and smart, but intensely loyal to her parents’ ideas of properness and society, though she does not agree with them.  She is dating a gentleman, Simon, who has known her family for decades and works with her father.  He is nice, and wealthy, but rather boring and unimaginative.  Marriage is imminent, and Cecilia is not sure if she wants the life he would expect and provide for her.

Her parents often go away for long holidays and business affairs, leaving her alone in the castle for months.  They go away with Simon to attend to affairs abroad.  During this time, one afternoon while lunching and shopping with her vapid friends in town, she is struck by a witty, American waiter named Stephen.  There is instant attraction and witty conversation and he slips her his number.  After a few days of not being able to get him off her mind, she calls and their romance begins. 

He feeds the carefree spirit inside of her.  They picnic on the grounds and spend a great deal of time outside, enjoying the English countryside.  He takes her to explore the town and the city, and to live life like an average person.  They share a love for old music, and try to find recordings.  They are in love. 

When her parents and Simon return, she balances her duties to them with secretly seeing Stephen.  Simon tells her of his intent to ask for her hand in marriage from her father the very same day Stephen finds out he must leave England.  Stephen asks Cecilia to join him; he sends her a gift in the mail- an antique gramophone and writes to meet him at the record shop near the train station to Gatwick. He waits for her at the station, in a scene similiar to that of Rick at the Parisian train station in Casablanca.  She texts him that she is not coming, that she will marry Simon.  Stephen returns to his life in DC, heartbroken.

Cecilia, meanwhile, is trying to go about her life in England but has found it incredibly boring and cannot get Stephen off of her mind.  She writes.  After selling some of her short stories to a magazine, she realizes she can make it on her own.  She tells Simon she’s leaving him, writes a note to her parents, packs up her things and decides to find Stephen in DC. 

The rest is to be determined, but I’ve decided upon the cast:

Cecilia- Emily Blunt

Simon – Jude Law

Stephen – Joshua Jackson





9 Responses to “Craigslist Inspirations”

  1. flor Says:

    hola jude law estas simpatico como siempre bye

  2. Your blog is very interresting for me, i will come back here..

  3. brillosa Says:

    jude law demaciado riko! 😀

  4. flor Says:

    hola, jude law eres muy simpatico y fotogenico soy de peru y soy tu admiradora bye bye

  5. heeloisa. Says:

    hola, soy de brasil 🙂
    jude law es tán guapo.
    me encanta, sieeeempre !

    besos, besos :*

  6. kell Says:

    jude law is reallly good looking in that picture!!!!!!! 🙂

  7. Ciddie Says:

    Nice! I love that you practically gave a review of your made up plot and then posted pics of who would play those parts…very cute!

  8. Ciddie Says:

    Also good to know someone else checks craigslist out into the same degree as I !!

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