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Fun: The H&M Dressing Room September 4, 2008

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Those of you who know me know that roughly 60% of my wardrobe is comprised of H&M apparel and accessories. I recently learned that beyond the store, H&M offers a fun online feature called “Dressing Room,” that allows you to create an avatar of yourself, and then dress and accessorize yourself with a few choice pieces. Here is a little sampling of the various “me’s” I created in the dressing room:

Me, Before: (ah! I’m nude! it’s cool though – I made myself skinnier than I am in real life).

Me, with shirt on: (ah! I forgot my pants – what a nightmare!)

Pretty dress wearing (“I left my shoes by the table cause I’ve been dancin”) me:

I’m going to work (or a funeral), don’t fuck with me, me:

“Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just going to Borders”, me:

The end!


One Response to “Fun: The H&M Dressing Room”

  1. Mallori Says:

    I tried to do this too, but there were no model options that even looked vaguely like me.
    Also, I don’t shop at H&M.

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