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Bills, Bills, Underwear House? September 4, 2008

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As most everyone knows, I have two jobs.  My first, or “real”, job involves using my brain occasionally, and receiving a (very) modest salary, benefits, etc.  I use this so-called “salary” to pay rent and other bills.  My secondary job as a cocktail server allows me to travel, indulge in good food and drink and buy pretty things.  It involves almost no skill whatsoever, but requires long hours and being nice to stupid and/or rude people, which can become very taxing.  It’s worth it though, because in the end I can afford to have fun without worrying about a budget.

Well, usually.  The past couple months have been brutal.  This could not come at a worse time- summer is for travelling, shopping, and indulging in rooftop drinking and patio dining. It is for hot dogs and crappy beer at the ballpark, and 10pm trips to Giffords.  It is when the secondary fun money is most necessary.  So now, at the end of summer, I’m in this awful place of making barely any secondary fun money, and using real job money to have fun and struggling to pay the bills.  This sucks, but I know it could have been avoided had I just budgeted.  And I did manage to pay off a credit card and take a pricey GRE course in the middle of this whole budgetary mess, so I guess I was semi-productive and not a complete buffoon.  And there’s a silver lining- my Victoria’s Secret credit card that I hardly use because I do not fit into VS bras has increased my credit limit.  This is exciting because if one day I can’t pay my rent and get evicted from my apartment, I can build a shelter with $2,000 worth of satin bras, bejeweled thongs and sweatpants that say PINK! across the ass.


One Response to “Bills, Bills, Underwear House?”

  1. sallee Says:

    it’s good to know that you could live in a castle of underwear…lol

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