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Montauk Monster Update July 31, 2008

Filed under: News,NYC — K @ 7:47 pm

Someone created an entire blog devoted to capturing the beast. Literally, the blog is called “capture the beast” and offers up hypotheses for the beast’s origins:

1) the Montauk Monster is a sleestak from Land of the Lost.

2) The Montauk Monster is the skeksis from Dark Crystal.

While I don’t agree with either hypothesis, I do appreciate the reference to Land of the Lost. The site also has a useful poll about where the monster will surface next and a thorough examination of the monster-hunter.

Best of all, I love the blog’s graphics. Someone is quite handy with photoshop…

Image from:


One Response to “Montauk Monster Update”

  1. Craig Grant Says:

    The Monster of Montauk mystery SOLVED!
    I found another archived photo and solved this mystery

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