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The Worst of All July 29, 2008

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Hey kids, I have another dating post for you!


When a relationship ends, it sucks.  There’s a few different ways this can go, but it is very rare for a break-up to not suck in some way.  Here’s the typical offenders:


  • You’re the one doing the breaking up.  This is terrible for numerous reasons.  First, you have to figure out a way to tell the person.  Then you actually have to have the convo.  The convo could end up being of the “Why? I don’t understand.” variety, meaning you’re going to have to suckily point out all the things wrong.  It could be of the “Fine.”, silent variety, and that’s sucky because you start questioning whether the other person ever even cared.  After the convo, you just feel terrible and in moments of weakness/drunkness, you’ll probably question whether you did the right thing.
  • You’re broken up with.  This is obviously crappy, because it’s a blow to your personality and your self-esteem will probably suffer.  And you’ll be sad, because a relationship you deemed good is over.
  • The fight.  You and your significant other have a giant fight, probably about something stupid, and terrible things are said and you decide to break up.  This sucks because you’re hurt, and angry all at the same time.
  • The disappearance.  All of a sudden, the other person vanishes.  This one REALLY sucks.  First, you are worried that something terrible has happened.  Then you realize the other person is just avoiding you.  You become confused and frustrated.  This is extra-horrible because if you bump into the person at a later date, there is no possible chance that awkwardness will not ensue.
  • The thing you can’t get over, but can’t change.  Oh, another REALLY sucky one.  Everything is great about the relationship, BUT… you are of two different religions; your cultures are very different; you live in different countries… Things you can’t change, and eventually you break up because there’s no future.  This break-up is really sad, and produces the most tears.  However, there are no bad feelings, so the potential for a future friendship is very high.
  • When a relationship is cut short by opportunity.  This is similiar to the previous break-up.  A relationship is going well, but is young, and then a great opportunity comes up for your significant other, like a great job in Florida.  This sucks because you can’t be mad about any single component of the break-up: you got along great; your signif other is awesome; you are happy for the new opportunity because you know it is killer.  This break-up has exceptionally high potential for drunk dialing, and for wondering “what might have been.” 


Which is the worst of all?  I personally think the last one, but I’m biased because I am going through that exact break-up at this very moment.   Please leave your thoughts in the comments!


One Response to “The Worst of All”

  1. hierophant4582 Says:

    They all suck equally.

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