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Breaking News: Karl to Solve Housing Crisis July 10, 2008

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Thanks to Jezebel and Refinery 29 for breaking this piece of REVOLUTIONARY Karl news: “On Dubai’s Isla Moda (“Fashion Island”), Karl Lagerfeld is set to outdo himself again, designing 80 “limited edition” homes, each Chaneled to the hilt.”

From Dubai, July 8th 2008: Fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld has signed an exclusive deal with Dubai Infinity Holdings (DIH)…Lagerfeld is to design limited edition homes on Isla Moda, the world’s first dedicated fashion island, set in the iconic development, The World. This will be an exclusive collaboration between Dubai Infinity Holdings and Karl Lagerfeld across the GCC and India.”

The metamorphosis of art and beauty is my passion. The discovery of contemporary mediums of expression has allowed me to pursue my interest in art, beauty, architecture and progressive cultural exchange,” said Karl Lagerfeld.Dubai is a fashion bud on the verge of blossoming into the next fashion hub of the world. The city is alive with culture and rich in personality, making it a perfect place for aesthetic, fashion and design to flourish. Isla Moda has tremendous potential to be the style icon of the future and I intend on driving the island to high style stardom,” he added.

Note to self: start saving money for 30th birthday trip with Mallori to Fashion Island in Dubai.

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