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Where for art thou magic berries? July 8, 2008

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In previous posts, I have chronicled my wait for magic berries and then subsequent happiness at Neel Shah from Radar’s response, – a response which made me think that my dream of a flavor tripping experiment would actually one day soon come true. But alas, the berries have not come, and I am left alone and sad, wondering if all of my excitement and planning for the flavor tripping experiment was in vain. Below is the updated, disappointing truth:

Days since ordered berries: 32

Days since Neel Shah emailed me saying berries would arrive in 2 weeks: 18

Lie on Miracle Connect’s Website: “So our berries get to you fresh, we ship all orders overnight. For those in NYC, we can arrange a convenient dropoff. All orders should be placed on or before Wednesday noon EST. They will arrive Friday of the same week.


4 Responses to “Where for art thou magic berries?”

  1. Berry-less in Seattle Says:

    I totally hear you! I rushed in an order and am still waiting a whole month later!!

  2. john Says:

    Same problem here.

    I decided to do something about it and started a blog:

  3. Anon Says:

    If you email Neel, you should receive a refund.

  4. […] 8th: Where for art thou magic berries? Starting to get annoyed, and also pissed. No new updates, beginning to think I have been scammed by […]

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