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Beers of Summer July 8, 2008

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Ho! Summer is alas upon us and that can only mean two things: 1) extreme lack of focus and purpose at work and 2) beer-b-q’s.

So as you find yourself stocking up on burgers, hot dogs, chips and the like at your local Dags, you’ll probably find yourself facing a rather pressing dilemma: what beer to buy. Mallori and I have collaborated (any by collaborated, I mean, she contributed one thing) to create a list of our favorite summer beers. Evaluating these beers will be an ongoing project over the course of the summer and we welcome suggestions and additions.

1. Blue Moon (and the incredibly elusive Honey Moon summer ale)

2. Hoegaarden

3. Sam Summer

4. Sierra Nevada Summerfest

5. Flying Dog Classic Pale Ale

6. Red Stripe

7. Imperial

8. Stella Artois

9. Magic Hat Circus Boy

10. Anchor Steam Summer Brew

Drink up!

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3 Responses to “Beers of Summer”

  1. mallori612 Says:

    Honey Moon is delicious. There wasn’t really a need to collaborate after that. Also, I know it’s lame, but sometimes whilst laying on the beach/rooftop pool I like a Corona. I know, boring, but there’s no better beer to take shots of tequila with.

  2. hierophant4582 Says:

    Blue Moon with an orange is my all time favorite….from the tap…yummy.

  3. K Says:

    i had honey moon with a slice of orange last night and it rocked my world.

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