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Sports Round-Up July 3, 2008

Filed under: I heart Shelley Duncan,News,State of the Yankees — mallori612 @ 2:20 pm

There are so many sports things to comment on, and I don’t have the time/energy/care to do it, so here’s my thoughts, in a nutshell.

  • Brett Favre is seriously considering un-retiring.  I love Favre; he’s my favorite old-guy crush, and though I’d enjoy staring at his tight ass for another season, enough is enough.  When you retire, just effing retire.  Oh, and think of Aaron Rodgers… boyfriend’s been sitting tight, waiting for his moment for years now.  Don’t dash his dreams again; he might lose it.
  • The Yankees couldn’t seem to hit…until last night when they scored 18 runs… and now, I’m sure, they’ll go back to not hitting.  Sigh.
  • Sean Avery, my favorite hockey playing Vogue intern, was signed by the Dallas Stars.  This is terrible, because Texas is where fashion goes to die.
  • Shelley Duncan was injured the other day.  He separated his shoulder diving to make a catch, and he’ll be in a sling for a while.  Poor Shelley.  He’s had a tough year.  Luckily, he has me to nurse him back to health. 
  •  Fucking A-Rod.  The rumours say he and Cynthia have split; he’s dating Madonna and she’s run off to Paris with Lenny Kravitz (who, as you may remember, once dated Madonna and co-wrote “Justify My Love”).  I totally believe the separation, because, um, duh, it was only a matter of time.  I don’t think he’s dating Madonna.  Let’s be honest here- A-Rod has an infinite choice of women; why would he go for Madonna?  Yeah, she’s rich and famous and stuff, but so is he.  She’s almost 20 years older than him, married with kids and in the middle of touring.  Seems like a hassle, you know?  They have the same manager; I’m going to bet they are just friends.  Cynthia dating Lenny Kravitz though?  I believe it, if only because it’s too random to be made up.  Except that um, he’s been celibate for three years?  Like, Cynthia, what’s the point?  It’s not like you’ll need the money; I’m sure your divorce settlement will be excruciatingly unfair (to Alex). 
  • The SuperSonics are leaving Seattle, like the always wanted, and going to Oklahoma City.  Whatever.  I guess Seattle fans will have to momentarily root for some other NBA team…Geography would have them go for Portland. 


One Response to “Sports Round-Up”

  1. ha. this is an oldie. randomly popped up in front of me.

    rodgers is killing it.


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