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Happy Canada Day! July 1, 2008

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Today is Canada Day…the one day a year that Canadians are allowed to celebrate their independence. I want to like Canada, I really do…but I have an intrinsic disinterest/distrust in Canada stemming from the fact that it produced Celine Dion. It being Canada Day and all, I really wanted to shake those bad feelings and get over it. Today, instead of focusing on my intense hate for Celine “I am the greatest singer in the world” Dion, I want to embrace the more positive contributions that Canada has made to society and to my life.

Right off the bat, I can acknowledge that Canada has given me 2 great things, without which I could not live: 1) Maple Syrup and 2) Many Lifetime movies which were shot on location in Canada (to cut back costs, of course).

Upon googling “Canada”, I found this handy website, which really opened my eyes to Canada and why I should start giving it far more props than I do. Here’s a list of the top 20 most famous Canadians. I’m not sure why Sum41 is not at the top of that list…I think someone made a mistake when they put that list together, but anyway.  here is a list of the top 10 myths about Canada (Not everyone in Canada looks like the people from Rocky and Bowinkle, ok?!). And last but certainly not least, the top 10 Canadian inventions. TV, Trivial Pursuit?  Wow. All I have to say is…I’m a changed woman.

On this special day, why do you love Canada?


3 Responses to “Happy Canada Day!”

  1. Mallori Says:

    I love Canada because it is where I got my tattoo, at age 17 in Quebec.

    I also enjoyed the sushi at Kinki in Ottawa, and the numerous flavored popcorn stands that are as abundant as Auntie Anne’s in malls throughout the country.

  2. emily Says:


  3. Merri Says:

    I love Canada because I am Canadian; born and bred. I am first generation on my father’s side(he was born in Scotland) but my Mother’s side of ancestors have been here since the mid 1700’s when Canada was just emerging…
    I don’t like Celine either but we have a zillion more talented singers(as you probably have found out)
    I don’t watch hockey and actually hate it.
    I love Canada because it is a wonderful country in so many ways; too many to say here.
    I think that other countries actually envy us…

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