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Naked Cowboy Suing M&M’s June 25, 2008

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Working in Times Square (unfortunately) puts me in close contact with the infamous Naked Cowboy almost every day. For those of you who don’t know, for the past ten years, Robert Burck (who calls himself the naked cowboy) plays the guitar while dressed only in white cowboy boots, a hat and skimpy white underwear in Times Square. One day he wasn’t very busy – I think it was overcast or something – and I was stuck at that particular light where he stands waiting to cross the street, so I decided to ask the Naked Cowboy some burning questions that I’d been grappling with for some time. Below, I will share with you the juicy tidbits I learned from our conversation.

  • The Naked Cowboy does not wear the same pair of tighty-whities every day. Rather, he has many pairs, all with the words “Naked Cowboy” written in capital letters on the ass. Though he has several pairs, he washes his underwear on a regular basis to keep them looking pristine, crisp and bright.
  • The Naked Cowboy sticks to a strict workout regime to keep his body toned though admittedly, i have seen him in the deli eating a bag of chips.
  • The Naked Cowboy is a shrewd businessman: he charges tourists $5 to take a picture with him, and makes bank every day. In fact, he claims to have so much money that he has his very own brand-new Cadillac Escalade. He also told me that he has saved a great deal of money and it is earning interest in the bank.
  • When the Naked Cowboy needs to use a bathroom during the day (which happens from time to time – he is only human, after all), he walks into nearby hotels such as the Marriott Marquis to use their lobby bathrooms.
  • The Naked Cowboy has a managerial type sidekick who hands out promotional flyers to bystanders and tourists. He also sometimes films the Naked Cowboy with a hand-held camera.

And that is what I know about the Naked Cowboy in a nutshell. So naturally I was interested to read on Reuters today that the Naked Cowboy will be allowed to move forward with the $6 million lawsuit he filed in February over video billboards depicting a blue M&M dressed in his signature outfit.

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