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Musings…. June 24, 2008

Filed under: Karl Lagerfeld — mallori612 @ 5:31 pm

kerry:  this week is so demode

Sent at 1:19 PM on Tuesday

mallori:  totes… i mean, karl would hate this shit

he wouldn’t stand for it

Sent at 1:22 PM on Tuesday

kerry:  i know

mallori:  what do you think karl is doing right now?

kerry:  drinking a chilled diet coke, listening to one of his 80 ipods
wearing black

likely also wearing black finger-less mittens

mallori:  maybe sketching too

do you think he sketches or he just knows?

Sent at 1:26 PM on Tuesday

kerry:  idk man

he just knows

he has visions, obviously


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