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Jean-Marc, WHY? June 24, 2008

Filed under: SYTYCD — mallori612 @ 1:40 pm

As both a So You Think You Can Dance enthusiast and an investigative journalist, I feel I must bring the following to your attention, my dear sweet blog readers:

That Jean-Marc dance last week, the one he choreographed for his daughter…well, it seems like he PLAGARIZED it.  Take a look at the following video, from a couple weeks ago on So You Think You Can Dance: Australia. 


Now look at the video from SYTYCD (USA) last week, of Twitch and Kherington:



Sure the choreography is slightly different-more lifts, etc… but the song, the costume, the lighting, and the basics are all right there.  It’s pretty impossible this was a coincidence if you ask me.


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