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SYTYCD Top 18 Elimination: Batting .500 June 20, 2008

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I’m going to keep this brief, because the results show for SYTYCD is ridiculously long and stupid.  The group routine was good, Flo Rida was absolutely terrible (if you are lip synching, and you bring bad dancers on a dance show, WTF is the point?), and there was a really hot flamenco dancer who I need to google/wikipedia STAT.


Anyway, the Bottom Three were: Susie and Marquis, Comfort and Chris, and Chelsea and Thyne.  No surprises there.  Chelsea’s routine was good and she’s really bubbly.  Thyne was good too, and he seemed happy and confident.  Susie was blah; I’m not really sure how she made it into the Top 20 to begin with.  She just kept flipping her hair, which was weird.  I liked Marquis’ solo; he did some crazy things that were reminiscent of Danny last year (but not nearly as good).  Comfort was badass.  It was pretty much set she wouldn’t go home, since she’s the only female popper/hip-hopper, and the reason she was in the Bottom Three was totes her partner’s fault.  Chris was last and personally, I thought his solo sucked.  He didn’t have the technical skills of Thyne or Marquis.  I was certain that my hates, Susie and Chris, were going home but I was wrong!  Susie left, thankfully, but the judges got rid of Marquis. Oh poo.  On to next week!


Notes: Cat’s dress made her look like a really hot, tall Tinkerbell and I loved it.  Also, she has pretty hair.  Her height is kind of ridiculous though.  Sometimes when she hugs the contestants, it looks scary. 

Oh, and there was an awesomely adorable band-aid commercial that was so cute it made me not hate children for a second!


One Response to “SYTYCD Top 18 Elimination: Batting .500”

  1. cocosullivan Says:

    Ok I saw Cat on Regis and Kelly recently and she said she’s 5’9″ but Kourtni is supposedly 5’10”.. so I wonder what kind of crazy heels does Kat wear bc she still towers over her.

    I love tall people.

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