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Can’t hide the crazy, won’t hide the crazy June 20, 2008

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One of the reasons I love Craigslist so much is because, well, to be honest…the people who post on it make me feel better about myself. Sometimes I wonder: Where do all these crazies come from? Shouldn’t they be in institutions? Why do they gravitate to Craigslist to share their crazy with the world? Why don’t they want to hide the crazy?

But then I take a step back, and when I’m bored at work, I turn to Craigslist for entertainment, knowledge and indispensable life lessons.

An excellent example is this post by a girl named Tara about her dog listed under “Pets”. At first I thought, Is this dog for sale? Does this girl have to put her dog up for adoption? But no…as it turns out, all Tara wants to do is tell the world about herself, her dog and…life. Highlights from her post are bulleted below:

  • Everyday is a gift.
  • When I turn on the faucet clean water runs through, not malaria/disease contaminated, but clean water fit for consuming and bathing in.
  • Food is just a phone call away.
  • When I take a walk through an old cemetary I see old grave stones with people who died in infancy which is sad and disturbing.
  • So you go from one drug to the next like a never ending roadtrip, from one town to the next never coming home
  • I try try try so hard not to judge
  • So don’t be afraid.
  • Animals are living beings too, sometimes they get moody
  • I wrote a song for my boy, and I sang it to my then-boyfriend. I think he got jelous! Imagine that, getting jelous of a dog
  • A Dog. An animal. I talk to my boy, I treat him like my child and no I am not crazy.
  • Your welcome to take the ex boyfriend, but no one can take my dog…

(Image from Craigslist: Notice the child giving the peace sign in the background)


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