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Welcome, Oneli June 19, 2008

Filed under: State of the Yankees — mallori612 @ 2:28 pm

So, the Yanks have won 6 straight and things are looking up, despite the fact that Joba has yet to win a game and Wang is out til at least September.  Yesterday, Cashman signed Oneli Perez, who is a 25 year old from the Dominican Republic.  He started out in the Padres organization as an infielder but has been turned into a reliever in his travels from San Diego to the White Sox and Indians.  His numbers aren’t that great – an 8.49 ERA, for starters- but it’s pretty deceptive.  He’s a strikout RHP who has spent more time bouncing around the major leagues than actually pitching.  He’s a welcome addition to the Yanks, who have been fiddling with Farnsworth(less) and Edwar Ramirez since Joba’s transition.  Oh, and Oneli has 6 fingers on each hand.  Bizarre, and I’m interested to see whats up with his glove (is it specially made?)


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