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Things You Learn from Dating June 19, 2008

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Dating has a lot of implications, and various experiences teach you things about yourself, and others.  But sometimes you acquire actual knowledge or weird habits that are with you for the long haul.  Here are some things I’ve acquired:

* Knowledge of Canada.  When I was dating a Canadian, I kept up-to-date on Canadian politics and current events, and every now and then I still check  Also, I learned about Canadian history and culture, and can name every province… ya, there’s not that many, but can you do it?

*Knowledge of Australian children’s television programming.  Last summer, my housemate and I “dated” (term is used loosely for a variety of reasons) a couple Australian blokes and after a night of intoxication, they showed us via YouTube clips from Australian children’s television shows.  Without them, I would have never seen Mr. Squiggles draw a giraffe holding an umbrella and for this I am eternally grateful.

* Restaurants.  I dated this guy Joe for a brief period of time and though the whole thing was a big mess since we kind of hated each other, we went to a lot of restaurants and I realized that DC has a lot of fun eateries.

* Adam Masterson taught me how to dress ridiculously and own it.

* Because of an ex, I use the term “muffin” often to express endearment.

* One ex taught me just how allergic to cats I am. 

* Currently I’m dating (again, term used loosely) someone who has made me consistently check out Indian women. 



2 Responses to “Things You Learn from Dating”

  1. Humphrey Says:

    Hello, this is my first time i visit here. I found so a lot of appealing in your article especially on this topic. Continue the good work.

  2. wowdkm Says:

    stumbled across your dating post!! I had a good chuckle! Oh so true!!

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