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Funny or Mean? The Laxative Cake June 18, 2008

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The Daily News ran this piece today about some ballsy students at the Brooklyn High School for Global Studies who baked a cake laced with laxatives and punked their teachers by tricking them into eating it. According to the Daily News, the laxatives in the cake sent two educators to the hospital and made three other teachers sick.

One of teachers recounted the horror, saying: “It had red chunks that looked like cherries, but they were bitter…I spit it out….My mouth was numb. I got sick. I went to the bathroom.” Obviously, the teachers are mad pissed. As is the principal, school board, etc. Apparently, the students behind the prank weren’t seen as “troublemakers” – one was even a straight-A cheerleader so none of the teachers were suspicious when the students doled out the chocolate-iced Bundt cake. There was even a rumor among students that the culprits garnished the cake with Raid.

The laxative cake story is generating a huge amount of buzz because, like I said before, the teachers and school administration are mad pissed. The students who did the punking are in deep shit (no pun intended) but I can’t really decide if the poop cake is more funny or mean. I wonder if the teachers did something to really piss them off, or they were just spiteful, mean-spirited kids. What do you think?

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