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Berry Sad: the Flavor Tripping Experiment Put on Hold June 17, 2008

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(Image courtesy of NOTCOT)

Recently, it was brought to my attention via several reliable news sources that there exists a new, exciting phenomenon known as “Flavor Tripping”. One can flavor trip by eating a miracle berry, which I like to call “magic berry” because magic is much more fun to say. According to this article from GuestofaGuest, Magic berries “trick your taste buds for about an hour to make sour, acidic food taste sweet.”

Magic berries have also been featured on NYMag’s website, which directed me to a magic berry “dealer” if you will –, which delivers the berries to anyone in NYC. The site claims that when you eat a magic berry: Lemons instantly turn from sour to sweet. Even a bologna sandwich turns to cake. OMG, MAGIC.

According to Miracle Connect’s website, these are the steps for flavor tripping:

Step 1: Purchase a selection of citrus fruits (lemons, limes, grapefruits), vegetables (rhubarb), cheeses (Humboldt Fog, bleu cheese), beer (Guinness, other dark stouts), and tequila (the cheaper the better). Lay your goodies out on a big table.

Step 2: Wash your miracle berry. Step 2:Insert berry into mouth; swirl it around for approximately one minute, like a hard candy.

Step 3: Bite into berry. Coat tongue with the berry’s juice. At this point, the juice should be sweet. (There’s a seed in the middle. You can spit it out or swallow it).

Step 4: Taste a lemon wedge as a test. It should now taste like lemonade.

Step 5: Proceed without caution. (!!!)

What finally sealed the deal for me was reading this article on the NY Times website. Apparently, people have been getting together for flavor tripping parties. At said parties, tabasco sauce tastes like donut glaze. Lemon sorbet in guinness tastes like a chocolate milkshake, vinegar tastes like apple juice and goat cheese tastes like cheesecake. There’s even a video of the people at the party flavor tripping. It must be real then, right?

So, I did what any flavor-loving American would have done: I immediately went onto Miracle Connect’s website and bought some for myself. Six berries to be exact. For $24. Fine, whatever. It will be worth it, I told myself. You’re only young once! Carpe diem! Viva la revolution! Stick it to the man! Give peace a chance! Ok, you get the idea. So anyway, I convinced two of my friends to also order the magic berries. The berries were supposed to be delivered that week but guess what? THE BERRIES NEVER FUCKING CAME. I know it’s not just me or my doorman-less apartment because my friends ordered them to be delivered to their work, and they never got them either. Miracle Connect’s website claims that they are “no longer accepting orders due to overwhelming demand.” So I emailed to inquire about my berry order. And they have yet to respond. So my flavor tripping experiment is indefinitely put on hold: berry sad, berry sad indeed.

(Image via NYTimes)


9 Responses to “Berry Sad: the Flavor Tripping Experiment Put on Hold”

  1. Erica Says:

    Ok, i just did a search for Miracle Connect on google and came across this website. Funny how you just wrote a blog on this. I havent heard anything from them either. I purchased $96 worth of berries on June 6th. I have yet to hear anything from them and I live in Jersey City, a hop and a skip away from NY. I swear, if my berries actually do get delivered and they are past their prime, I will be TOO pissed! I will update you with my berry status if I get them anytime soon!

  2. K Says:

    thanks Erica – I’m glad I’m not the only one. I’m so sad/mad right now, and of course no one responded to my email to miracle connect. I’ll keep you posted!

  3. Erica Says:

    Hi again, I did say I would keep you posted. I received an email from them. Neel said that the NY Times article prompted an overwhelming response from buyers and that they are shipping out orders as soon as they come. He also said that he expects to be caught up with order over the next 2-3 weeks. I think he should send out an email to all of his customers explaining the circumstances. The fact that there is no number to even call them almost made me think that perhaps this was just a fraudelent business. But it looks like he’s just a regular guy that got in a little too deep over his head. I will give him the benefit of the doubt, granted I get my berries before the month of June is over and that they havent passed their expiration! What I do know is that I will be saving every seed and attempting to start growing trees of my own!!

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  6. erica Says:

    ok, ALERT ALERT. So I never received my berries. I filed a complaint with PAYPAL last week. And do you know what they did? They closed my claim!!! Why?? Because you only have 45 days to file a dispute after the transaction goes through, and if you dont, theres nothing they will do it about! So I am now quite sure that Miracle Connect is a fraudelent seller that took advantage of peoples desperation to get these berries and just pushed back people’s expectations of the berries until it went past the deadline and then OOPS oh well for you.

    However the paypal rep did inform me of a website to go to that is run by the FBI. They investigate fraudelent sellers and upon resolution of the case, you will get your money back. Everyone who has yet to receive their berries, has not heard back from Miracle Connect, and cant get their money back through paypal should go to . It is a legitimate website and I hope it benefits others too! Miracle connect will not screw me and get away with it!!

    (As you can tell, Im slightly peeved about the situation)

  7. K Says:

    wow, thanks Erica. I’m going to look into this further and see what I can figure out. Definitely NOT okay…this is total bullshit. I never got my berries or a refund either and I know we are not the only ones.

  8. erica Says:

    Ok, I promise Ill quit posting after this … however i found a few places that sell the berries over the counter. Granted, each berry is $5 each…. but if you want to experience them…. heres the website that has the different locations. I just went and purchased 20 of the berries and FINALLY I found out what it was like. Not quite as impressed as I thought it would be. Definitely made a huge difference with lemons and onions… but red peppers burned the CRAP outta my tongue. Some sort of sour cheddar was recommended to me in the store. I did a before and after and it did make the cheese a little smoother, not quite as sharp, but nothing life changing. But anyway, here is the website that you can go and pick them up if you live in Jersey or NY….

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