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Karl update June 16, 2008

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Thank you to J for capturing the below photograph. We had no idea that clothing homages to Karl existed but are delighted to learn of their existence and determined to find one of our very own. Below are some choices we have found after extensive internet research, and our evaluations of said choices.

1. Unknown tee:

Unknown T rider sporting the Karl tee

Unknown woman on the T sporting a Karl cartoon tee. (Notice the Harvard hat, which proves that even the brightest and most educated members of society share our appreciation for Karl’s infinite wisdom and undefinable importance). Not sure where this tee is from. Does anyone know? Anyway, the simple outline of Karl’s face is commendable.

2. The “Love Karl”:

According to Think Fashion, “The black mercerized tee with white writing is available in a number of sizes and can be purchased online for $150”. Wait! There’s more! “Although his latest collection of ready-to-wear clothing is difficult to get your hands on, his “Love Karl” t-shirts are some of the hottest selling designs on the market. His unbelievable collection of designer clothing is expected to become the most popular label on the market.” I like the Love Karl, but it’s missing one key component: Karl’s face. To the untrained eye, this tee shirt could relate to anyone named Karl: Karl Winslow, Karl anyone.

3. Karl with Fan

Made by Clarendon, this shirt kicks ass. Karl is holding a fan for fuck’s sake. As you can see, this shirt contains the trifecta…the 3 essential elements of any Karl tee: 1) Karl’s face, 2) Karl’s signature and 3) a fan. The shirt is apparently available at Amazon. Further research tells us that THIS ITEM IS UNAVAILABLE? Fucking bullshit. Seriously, fuck this.

4. The Karl Tank

For when the weather’s hot and sleeves are superfluous. You know what though? Karl looks borderline creepster on this tank. Something about the white-on-black or weird model is just off.

So, that’s all we could find for now. But the quest doesn’t end there…we must find a Karl tee of our very own. The day we come face to face with Karl, God help us if we’re wearing some gay ass attitude tee from Urban Outfitters. It’s final: we must own a Karl tee.


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