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Open Letter to an Asshole June 12, 2008

Filed under: Rants — mallori612 @ 2:50 pm

Dear Curt Schilling;


You are probs my most-hated professional athlete.  You are annoying, egotistical and just a general ass.  Your latest comments about Kobe Bryant were just an unnecessary plea for attention, something I’m sure the Massholes ate up with an effing spoon.  The only other professional athlete that does these kinds of attention-grabbing things is T.O.  And, OMG do I not like T.O., but at least his egotistical comments/rants are entertaining!  Popcorn, lifting weights on the lawn, good stuff.  Oh, and also, T.O. is pretty hot and in his prime.  You are not.  At all.





P.S.- Kobe, great response… we appreciate your support and now you have mine.  I can’t believe Curt made me like the fucking Lakers.


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