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Gladiator Sandals: My Inner Battle June 9, 2008

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For a long time now, I have been engaging in an inner struggle over gladiator sandals.  Are they cool?  Should I get a pair? If I wear them, will people make fun of me behind my back? Well, this past weekend, I decided to take a leap of faith and buy a pair…to wear to my own birthday party, no less. I liked them…I thought they looked cute with my dress and people seemed receptive…enthusiastic, even.  Until the end of the night, that is. When two things happened that have made me reevaluate gladiator sandals…forever.

These are my new sandals: Cute, right?  Anyway, here’s what happened:

1) My boyfriend drank too much patron at the open bar and told me that he had been calling me maximus behind my back all night.

2) I must have stepped on a piece of glass in the street/at the bar and in my drunken state, failed to realize that my gladiator sandal had filled with blood, covering my foot with blood. It looked as though I had just battled a lion in the Colosseum and lost…badly.

So, I did what any self-respecting fashion lover would have done: I washed the blood off my new sandals and placed them neatly in the corner of my room.  Should I wear them again? Or should I banish them to  the dusty shoe-graveyard in the depths of my closet forever, leaving them to die a sad death with my cork espadrilles and leopard-print flats from two seasons ago? My inner battle continues.


One Response to “Gladiator Sandals: My Inner Battle”

  1. mallori612 Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your gladiator sandals, and I hope that if you decide not to keep them, you will give them to me.
    I will sterilize them, and wear them with passion, whether your drunk boyfriend calls me Maximus or not…

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