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SYTYCD- Season 4 May 30, 2008

Filed under: SYTYCD — mallori612 @ 3:02 pm

Last night concluded the second week of SYTYCD Season 4 auditions.  There are still a couple more cities next week, and then Vegas Week before we find out who makes it to the show.  So far, there have only been a couple dancers who I’ve been very impressed with, and I’ve noticed a sincere lack of female talent, but it’s probably more to do with what they’ve been showing rather than a pattern.  Two of my favorites thus far are Robbie and Brandon.


Robbie’s audition video has been circulating around the Interwebs because he’s just incredibly unique.  Take a look:


Brandon is an 18 year old contemporary/ballet dancer from Miami who auditioned right here in DC!  His body is so perfect, and his technique is simply astounding.  He could be this year’s Danny Tidwell, but just with a warmer personality, and an infectious smile.  Check him out:


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