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To Bee or Not to Bee? May 29, 2008

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Every year, the smartest people in the country descend on DC to match wits against their peers, and now is that time.  That’s right, it’s time for the Scripps National Spelling Bee.


I really enjoy bees of the non-insect variety.  There’s nothing like a group of American kids getting excited about the English language to renew your hope in the future of the country. 


Back in the day I competed in my grade school’s annual spelling bee, but being that each class had about 18 kids in it, it didn’t get very exciting.  However, one year the two top spellers from St. Clare were invited to face off against the top spellers from other area Catholic schools.  I was knocked out after making the top 10, and it was quite controversial.  The word was “rationale” and I spelled “rational”.  However, upon review of the tape, it was proven that the announcer pronounced it “rational” when used outside of a sentence.  I was furious; my mom complained, but nobody wanted to re-do the competition.  It did however lead to a change in rules that I hope is called “Mallori’s Law” but I doubt it.  I was, however, given a trophy for winning a side competition in proper nouns, after defeating some little blonde boy with the correct spelling of “Czechoslovakia.” 


My only other bee experience was in the geography bee in 8th grade at St. Dominic.  I was the delegate from my class, and was put in competition with the delegate from the other 8th grade class and the delegates from grades 5 through 7.  I performed admirably, but did not place.  I blame this on being a new kid at a new school and having to be on stage in front of a ton of people I wanted to impress. 


One Response to “To Bee or Not to Bee?”

  1. memyselfandhi Says:

    in fourth grade, i made it to the finals of the spelling bee, only to spell “ghost” wrong…i thought there was a silent “e” at the end. fuck.

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