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SYTYCD- Season 3 May 29, 2008

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After discovering SYTYCD during Season 2, I became a big fan and Season 3 was when the full-fledged love affair began.  This season saw Mary’s screams get louder, and some mini controversies about Wade Robson’s peace dances and Mia Michaels Marines jacket.  It also featured some of Season 2’s finalists in choreographer roles, which was cool.

My favorite dancer was Danny, hands down.  He is the adopted brother of Travis from Season 2, and is so effing awesome.  The judges consistently mentioned how his technical abilities were head and shoulders above the best they had ever seen on the program.  His leaps and turns were amazing; his skill unrivaled.  However, sometimes the audience did not take to him because of his standoffish demeanor that sometimes bordered on arrogant.  Danny was edged out of the win by Sabra, an exceptional dancer in her own right.  She had only been dancing for four years, which was ridic impressive and she lit up the stage with her exuberance and charisma.  She is also really tiny.  Other noteworthy contestants include Lacey, Neil and Hok.  Lacey is Season 2 winner Benji’s younger sister; she was good but lacked the personality that won it for Benji.  Hok is this Asian-British breaker with a funky hairstyle that really warmed my heart.  Neil was the third runner up, and he was a very eclectic dancer with a sweet personality.  Below is my favorite performance of the finale, which pits Neil and Danny as rivaling princes. 


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