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SYTYCD- Season 2 Recap May 29, 2008

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I am not an avid viewer of television.  I basically only watch LOST, and that’s it.  Unlike many Americans of my age and sex, I do not enjoy reality shows, even campy ones.  There is one exception to this, and it is my summer fling– So You Think You Can Dance.  This show is teh shit.  The judges actually judge; the contestants are phenomenal dancers; and the show avoids the over-the-top antics many other reality shows employ.  I will be blogging regularly about the show.


First of all, let’s rewind.  This is season 4.  I didn’t really watch the first season so I’m not really going to mention it.  The second season was great.  My favorite dancers were Travis, Allison and Ivan, in that order.  Travis was an adorable little blonde contemporary dancer who was exceptionally gifted- his technique was beautiful.  Allison was also a contemporary dancer, and she had previously appeared in High School Musical as a cheerleader.  Ivan was the wildcard- an accomplished hip-hop/breaker who managed to grow and progress each week in different styles of dance.  Other noteworthy dancers included Heidi, Benji and Dmitry.  Dmitry was a sexy, Russian ballroom dancer with a penchant for taking off his shirt.  Heidi and Benji were salsa dancing cousins who came from Latin dancing pedigree.  Heidi was ridiculously bubbly and it bothered me a lot.  She just always seemed like the fake-nice A+ overacheiver in high school. Benji was the fun guy who was able to bring his charisma to every kind of dance, and everyone just loved him.  Benji beat out Travis for the win, to nobody’s surprise. 


Mia Michaels won an Emmy later on in the year for her choreography of this performance- Travis and Heidi’s bench dance. 




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