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On Living Lohan May 28, 2008

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Well folks, in my absence, a television milestone occured.  A televised event of this paramount importance only comes only once every decade, and once it does, you’d better tune in. Anyway, you get the idea…the show is important.

A welcome glimspe into the mystifying lives of the Lohan clan, Living Lohan focuses mainly on the “career” of Ali and her momager (and possible/probable cokehead) Dina.  Highlights are bulleted below.

  • Nana Lohan is one tough chick and is def HBIC of the Lohan Clan.
  • Ali favors hip hop beats and surrounds herself with shady Long Island “producer” types (Dina encourages this).
  • Dina has a lovely assortment of coordinating track suits.
  • The Lohans google themselves on a regular basis (or have their assistant aid in the process).
  • Dina Lohan has a gaggle of lawyers at bay, ready to slap bloggers with lawsuits at any moment.

One con of the show is the lag in turn time. For example, in the preview for next episode, we see that the Lindsey-blowjob-blurry tape scandal is addressed, but by this point, I’m over it. I don’t even care. I’m way more interested in Lindsey’s possible engagement to Sam Ronson. Overall though, the show is anti-climactic and obviously situationally staged by E! but quite enjoyable nonetheless. 



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