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Crackberries: The Great Debate May 28, 2008

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As my birthday rapidly approaches and I am forced to confront gift possibilities, I find myself yet again engaged in inner conflict over whether or not to make the jump to a crackberry.

Pros: Flashy, pretty, lots of buttons, able to check email, able to take pictures spontaneously when camera has been forgotten at apartment, able to play games on the subway and train while giving off the impression of being serious/important/work-oriented, able to look up restaurant cross streets and directions when lost/confused so as to not miss reservation, calendar on phone = organization, and last but not least: shiny.

Cons: Addictive (like crack), which can lead to rudeness and isolation of friends with regular cell phones, persistent click-click noise generated by use, quite expensive, possibly pretentious depending on the user


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