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Hi, Darrell May 22, 2008

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The Yanks are kind of sucking this season; and it is for all sorts of reasons- pitching, injuries, lagging offense.  Pitching is probably the worst of these at the moment.  The injuries are better or rehabbing, and the offense can’t stay this quiet all season, especially since A-Rod’s back in the lineup.  Pitching, oy! Before Phil Hughes did the DL thing (again…every season with this guy and he’s only 21), he was NOT looking good.  Hughes has the potential to be great, and this was a huge part in the Yanks stepping back from Santana this offseason.  Really, though, he needs to realize that or the Yanks just look foolish.   I don’t know what’s up with I-Ken, and Joba’s still being used in relief (not for much longer though!) and the old guard (Moose and Andy)… well, they’re just looking old.  This brings us to one solid starter in Wang. 


But wait!  That’s not the case… We have Darrell Rasner to save the day!  Umm, who?  Oh, yeah, the guy that has started three times, won three times, and now carries a 1.89 ERA.  You know, he pitched seven scoreless innings last night… of the 5 games the Yankees have won in the past 18 days, he’s responsible for 3 of them… that guy. 


Leave it to the Yankees to put all their stock/money into veterans and highly touted youngsters only to get the best play from someone unknown.  Who knows, Rasner could be this year’s Joba!


One Response to “Hi, Darrell”

  1. Sarah M Says:

    wouldn’t rasner be more like this yeah’s aaron small and/or shawn chacon? 🙂

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