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I’d like to buy a vowel.. May 22, 2008

Filed under: Celebs — mallori612 @ 4:44 pm

Promotions at pro- sports games are teh shit.  There’s nothing to make you feel a little better about spending $20 on a hotdog and a Miller Lite  than a free Bank-of-America waterbottle with your favorite team’s logo printed on it. 

Minor league baseball teams have gotten the promo thing down perfectly.  Seriously, some of the most creative and awesome promotions ever.  For a great example of this, head over to the Bowie Baysox game in Maryland this Sunday.  What does the $8 Double-A ticket come with, you ask?  Well, how about a PAT SAJAK BOBBLEHEAD.  Yes, that’s right- Pat Sajak- the second-most awesome wheel spinning game show host.*  Rumour has it he’ll be at the game, ready to sign the bobblehead too.  Things like this totally take the sucking out of watching DC-area sports.

* The first most awesome wheel-spinning game-show host.


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