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He’s back! April 29, 2008

Filed under: I heart Shelley Duncan — mallori612 @ 3:07 pm

On Saturday, Joe Girardi answered my prayers and Shelley Duncan was brought up from Scranton.  Finally! 

Upon the best decision Girardi has made in weeks, he said, “We like the energy Shelley brings to the club. “It’s good to see him back. He has the ability to bring a spark. We’re a high-energy team anyway, but he brings more. He’s like one of those little kids you let run around outside so that you can get him to sleep later.”

I love the Yankees; really I do.  But in no way are they a “high-energy team.”  Other than the pitchers, the team is old.  Melky and Cano are young, sure, but I don’t think you can call a team “high energy” if there’s hardly any base stealers. 

Oh, and Joe- if you need any help getting Shelley Duncan to bed, just give me a call, mmkay?  I’ll find some better ways to wear him out than having him “run around outside.”  That’s a promise.


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