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GG’s Return: Why, Jenny? Why?! April 22, 2008

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Well, GG finally came back to us last night. And you know what? It was everything we had hoped it would be…and more. Where to begin, where to begin? Since summarizing the show seems stupid, I’ll approach the show with my top ten list of notable aspects of last night’s show.

  1. Increased presence of sexual remarks/innuendos.Get that dirty thing off the table” – Mrs. VDW. “If I had a penny for every time someone said to me” – Chuck. Me likey!
  2. Lack of that Asian chick. Was her name Isabelle? Blair said she moved to Israel or some shit. Whatever…I miss her large hats. I wonder if Leighton really did make her leave or she wanted to pursue an education for real (doubtful…I call bullshit)?
  3. Serena’s bro Eric has new hair (and likes dudes). His hair is less streaky-highlighty than before Also, he seems to sneak off into the city doing God knows what? But I know…he’s at gay bars getting his groove on with some hot dudes.
  4. Chuck Bass can wear up to 4 Polo shirts at the same time. I thought three was a lot…but I thought wrong.
  5. Jenny’s a huge bitch. Yogurt-flicking? I mean, come on now. That is so kindergarten. And please, bitch should know better than to go for the hair.
  6. Blair’s nightmare sequence? My real-life nightmare. Please go away old-movie inspired dream sequences. I want more Dan-Serena action.
  7. The “mignon” girls suck at acting. They do, however, redeem themselves via their wardrobes so I look forward to seeing more of them. Was that Latino chick in the show before they kicked out the Asian? Or did they decide to switch ethnicities of the head mignon bitch?
  8. Blair is still a bitch. A bitch who wears her school uniform to parties. Or was that just a school uniform-inspired ensemble with the blazer and tie at Jenny’s surprise party? Either way, I disapprove of her tie, but like her continued bitchiness.
  9. Are you serious with stealing that red Valentino, Jenny? You dumb, dumb whore. Couldn’t you see that it was CUSTOM MADE? Why are there no consequences for your foolish actions? Why?
  10. Nate/Jenny have sexual tension and so do Blair and Mr. Humphrey. What was up with Jenny asking Nate to borrow $8,000? I’m not exactly a pro, but that’s not my idea of flirting. Maybe she was just pulling the “desperately poor, mysteriously in trouble” card. Also, I would LOVE to see a Blair/Mr. Humphrey hookup. Can you say DILF?

Here’s a juicy little clip of Jenny “flirting” (?) with Nate.


One Response to “GG’s Return: Why, Jenny? Why?!”

  1. emily Says:

    the new ethnic bitchy girl was the athletic looking cheerleader in Bring it On who was told to try a new diet called “don’t eat”

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