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Hiding the Crazy April 21, 2008

Filed under: Rants — mallori612 @ 4:49 pm

All girls are a little bit crazy.  I consider myself to be a pretty normal person- sure I can be awkward, a little self-involved and too random for my own good, but generally I think I’m pretty normal.  I think things out, make rational decisions, etc.  But really, lurking under the surface is a bit of crazy.  Not a lot, but the crazy that most chicks have – the crazy that turns up when you start liking a guy.

The beginning of dating a person is all about hiding the crazy.  You want to seem chill, and cool, and like everything is fun but not really a big deal.  But IT IS.  You say to your friends, “if he calls, that’s great, but if not, no worries.”  Meanwhile, you check your Palm Centro for a text message every 5 minutes.   Then you think (or blog) about how you’ve been behaving, and you realize, “Fuck. I am that girl.”  I am the girl that went on a seriously epic first date but still needs validation that the guy is into me.  I am the girl that has stalked facebook and google.  That girl is me.  I must embrace that.  But Lord knows I’m not going to let other people know.. so the crazy hiding starts. 

 And if you can be successful at hiding the crazy, good things can happen.  It will turn into love.  And love, as Jenna put it so succinctly on 30 Rock, “is totally hiding who you are, even while you sleep–and wearing make-up to bed, and going downstairs to the Burger King to poop.”







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