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Here Comes the Bride… April 8, 2008

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In an epic new way to turn the classy off, a bride and groom spent their wedding night in jail after they got into an altercation with the wedding band.  The story:


At this wedding reception there was both a band and a DJ (big spenders!).  Bride did not want to hear any more of the DJ, and requested live music.  The wedding band refused, as they were under strict orders not to play unless the DJ wasn’t.  Simple enough.  Anyway, Bride got angry and wrecked the band’s conga drum set (congas! at a wedding! so much fun!) and their amp and various other instruments.  Basically, bitch went Tyra Banks style crazy.  Groom got involved too, because the couple the fights together, stays together.   The cops were called by the bandmates, who were understandably freaked out and pissed off.  Then, when the cops came, the couple’s 21 year old daughter tried to fight one of the policemen.  All three members of the happy family were carted off to jail, and spent the night in different cells.


Moral of the story?  Don’t be a crazy ho, or you’ll end up consumating your marriage with who knows who in a jail cell? 


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