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Slutty Toys April 1, 2008

Filed under: Pageants,People Mallori Hates,Rants — mallori612 @ 4:49 pm

bratz.jpgOn the list of things I hate in this world, Bratz has been close to the top for years.  I do not understand why slutty dolls make good toys, and I certainly question the parenting abilities of those why buy the dolls for their 6 year old daughters.   But, lo and behold, the powers that be have found an even more sickening product to shill out to young girls- Miss Bimbo. 

I don’t know where to begin… eh, I’ll go with the name. Bimbo, really? When has that word ever had a positive connotation?  Grr, but I’ll move on.  So, whatever, you’re 10 years old and you choose your “bimbo,” whose goal it is to win beauty pageants and social standing.  Great.  Let’s prioritize looks and partying over everything else.  Awesome.  But how do you win?  Well, you compete against other players for virtual money and use it to gain fame and attractiveness.  How, you ask?  Well, you use your money to get into parties, or to purchase new clothes.  Seems shallow, but harmless.  Oh wait.  How about using that money when given the task of going to the virtual clinic to get a boob job?  Or, buying diet pills? Yes, this is seriously part of the game.

I don’t understand why toys need to be slutty.  You want a shopping game- how about Mall Madness?  I loved it even though my character shopped at the Electronics Boutique and the Pet Shop instead of the pharmacy and the cosmetic surgeon’s office.  You want social standing- try DreamPhone.  The internet opens up a world of possibilities, but let’s stick to Tamagachis where kids learn to care for and nurture animals!  SO MUCH BETTER than teaching young girls that all they need is fame, fortune, a boob job and an eating disorder.


3 Responses to “Slutty Toys”

  1. memyselfandhi Says:

    What about “Strutz”, the slutty horses? Or should i say WHORSES?

  2. cocosullivan Says:

    i love bimbos

  3. jade Says:

    first of all i think bratz are awesome!!! stupid barbies copy the bratz and barbie in the commercials there were 3 dogs peeing on her and they were licking her you know whats it’s true.and barbie they dont have underware to cover there privates and bratz do.barbies have bigger boobs then bratz now that’s true and for bratz you dont loose there shoes.My last point is that there has been problems with barbie’s throughout the years and the problems of kids wanting to b like bearbie with big booobs and a small waist.

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