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Opening Day Musings March 31, 2008

Filed under: I heart Shelley Duncan,State of the Yankees — mallori612 @ 4:11 pm

n21200124_31216757_8938.jpgI love baseball.  I’m a girl, and a Yankees fan, so I really have to know my shit in order for people to take me seriously and not think I’ve jumped on the bandwagon.  But, it’s cool because I do know my shit.  That’s what being a fan is all about.  That said, here’s my random musings on the 2008 Yankees.

Joe Girardi has invigorated the team.  He has a hands-on, authoritative approach that will be extremely beneficial in shaping the young players.  The veterans respect him, and they know he doesn’t take any crap. 

OMG, young pitchers!  The Yanks finally have legit young talent, and so much of it.  It’s exciting, after years of trading prospects for veterans that didn’t always pan out (Pavano, I hate you. Oh, and remember Hideki Irabu? Grrr) .  Phil Hughes, a fellow WordPress blogger, is a future #1 starter, with a nasty curveball and great pitches all around.  Joba Chamberlain killed it in relief at the latter part of last season, allowing only 2 runs in 19 innings.  He’ll start as a reliever, which is probs very smart being that his stuff is very raw.  Ian Kennedy is the least-touted of the three, but has been the most consistent from the latter part of last season through spring training.  He doesn’t have the crazy power of the other two, but his accuracy is badass and he seems the most controlled of the three.  Speaking of young pitchers, I really want to just give Scott Patterson a hug.  He was just amazing this spring, but was sent to Scranton late last week.  I understand Girardi’s thinking- Patterson hasn’t pitched above Double-A – but the guy proved himself and was obviously quite upset about not starting out the year in NY. 

Oh, veterans!  Mo is still dominant, Jeter is almost digustingly consistent, and A-Rod, effing ridic contract in hand, is the best player in baseball.  Giambi and Abreu, in contract years, are looking sharper and more fit than they have in the last few seasons.  Mussina and Petitte have stuff to prove, hopefully they will, but ehh.. I’m not convinced.   Posada has a career year last season, and he’s still great, but it’s pretty much impossible for him to repeat those numbers.

Honestly, how the season turns out is largely dependent on the pitching.  Mussina and Pettite could go either way, and we don’t know how Hughesie, I-Ken and Joba are going to fare in the big leagues.  2008 could be amazing or it could be a disaster.  Let’s hope for the former, mmkay?

Lastly, I love Shelley Duncan, the winner of the BBWAA’s Dawson award for the best rookie in camp.  My love started last season, when he was called up and promptly became the Yanks’ #1 cheerleader, earning the nickname “Slam Duncan” because of his celebratory chest bumps, arm pumps and other displays of awesomeness.  My love affair continued this spring, when I went down to Tampa for spring training and was seated a mere three rows behind the dugout.  In a sea of Jeter, A-Rod and Posada chants, I yelled “Shelley!” loudly and with passion.  The first time, he heard but seemed like he didn’t believe it.  The second, he turned, waved, turned back, then turned around again, waved again and winked.  That solidified my love and one day, I’m sure we’ll get wasted and cheer together.


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